Keep Your Business Strong With These Action Steps

How to Become an Unstoppable Force In Your Business

When I consult with business owners they often tell me about the way things are from two very different perspectives.

Some see a big shift in the upcoming economy, while others are doing everything they can to turn over every stone in search of the next hidden gem.

And, I should tell you, those that are into turning over stones are indeed finding the gems!

Since 1982 small business ownership has increased by 49 percent according to the SBA. And TD Bank reports that 53 percent of these expect more growth to come.

For those that continue to turn over new stones each and every day, things are much better than they would otherwise be. No matter how the stock market fluctuates or the digital landscape changes you can still grow your business with the right attitudes in place. Here are a few focus tips to help you get onto a better footing and prepare for the year ahead:

Choose to rise above the negativity

When times are tough, you get to choose how you’ll deal with it. Most people retreat and wait for the coast to be clear. Others put it into high gear and do all they can to reach out to new prospects and reach for every brass ring that swings their way.

You know what’s most interesting in all of this? Each and every one of us has at least one of these brass rings swinging in our direction each and every day. But if your head is in the sand, you’ll never see it.

It’s when you decide to stand tall, to be strong, and to expect the best that you’ll see each and every one of these brass rings as they swing in your direction.

Decide not to follow the “Chicken Little” crowd

Right now, since most people have their heads buried in the sand, there are fewer people there competing for these brass rings.

Let me translate this for you. With less competition, you end up winning more often. When you win more often, you grow faster and bigger than you ever could when times are great!

If you’re listening to what I’m saying here, you should be feeling much more excited about things right about now.

Step things up when the outlook is low

You should seriously consider stepping up and standing tall once again and decide to be all you can be right now.

I’ll tell you from personal experience that right now, more than ever, this world needs those of us who are willing to stand tall and be strong.

It’s my firm belief that it is those of us who dare to be strong right now that will lead the world out of these rough times and into prosperity like this world has never experienced.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. ~ Harriet Tubman

Learn from the trailblazers

Over the course of history, it has always been the few that lead the revolution, that cleared the paths and blazed the trails that the masses then followed. Learn from those who are successful who have made their name after several failures. What did they decide to do? How did they choose to overcome their obstacles? No one gets it right the first time — allow these mentors to encourage you to move forward in your business no matter what the setbacks are.

The time to be the agent of change is now. You’ve got to decide right now if you’re going to make it big or ride it out hoping for the best. If you choose to be a leader, you’ve made the best possible choice. Nobody is going to hand feed you anything. If you’re going to make it big, it’s up to you to take action.

Here are a few examples of going from failure to success from Fast Company that will inspire you:

  • Arianna Huffington — The founder of the incredibly successful news website, the Huffington Post, was rejected 36 times by book publishers before she began.
  • Scott Adams — Creator of the famous comic series, Dilbert, got his start by taking on risky projects with an “irrational optimist” attitude.
  • Christina Wallace — The co-founder of Quincy Apparel found herself laying in bed for three weeks after the company shut down. But she got up again and admitted her failures to those closest to her and is now the vice-president of branding and marketing at the Marketing at Startup Institute.

Through the negative experiences we learn, grow and succeed. Failure is not the final destination. Remember that as a business owner you can be unstoppable!