In this article, you’ll learn:prospects

  • The powerful and yet simple way to engage prospects
  • What to do when prospects ignore your offers
  • How to speak the right language to your audience
  • How to leverage on existing clients for publicity

Marketing on the internet has changed. It’s left for web entrepreneurs to become savvier and attack the market with full arsenal.

I’ve been interacting with existing clients for a while and they have taught me so much about ‘engagement.’

As simple as this word is, it’s the most important thing to understand and implement in marketing.

Focus On Targeted Clients

There are two groups of clients online. They’re:

  • Those who can take action now or later
  • Those who can never take action, irrespective of what you do

When marketing online, it’s important you focus on the first group of clients: those who can take action now or later. They matter most in your business, and would bring the required results. A lot of small business owners complain that they’re not attracting a handful of clients, and my question is, “do you need that much?”

Bear in mind that 100 targeted clients are better than 1000 generic clients. If you concentrate your effort in the former, the results would be amazing. It’s true that all forms of marketing systems can expose your business to “everyone” including non-action takers. But there are select marketing strategies to attract the right eyeballs.

The Powerful and Yet Simple Way to Engage Prospects

If you don’t engage a single reader, he or she will not take action. Beginners in this industry have heard so much about ‘engagement’ but don’t know how to engage prospects or they’re doing it wrong. Until someone connects with your idea or opinion, the right button is yet to be pushed. So, to engage people easily, simply speak a strong benefit.

I’m talking about solving a ‘specific problem’ for the prospect. Off course, they’ve series of needs in their lives and business, but they only need you to solve one, in an interesting manner.

Take it again: “Potential clients have problems, but they need you to solve one.” Become good at solving the ‘one’ problem and they will stick around and agree with you.

What to do when prospects ignore your offers

Prospects can ignore your offers, and make it seem as if you’re unqualified. If you ask me, I think you should go back to the drawing board to see what you failed to do. Right, Wrong?

No, the problem is not the product or service. The problem is ‘you.’ how? When you promote offers online, people want to know if you’ll be there when they run into muddy waters. A lot of businesses have gone bankrupt and maybe, you’ll join soon.

Prospects are quick to make decision to retreat from snaky offers. So, what do you do when they bull-shit your offer?

Simple: lower your expectations and make it plain when writing your contents and copy. Let every article you put out there speak volumes to the prospects, and less for you. If your expectations exceed that of the prospect, they’ll suspect a foul play and back-off.

In order words, “the offer is by you, not about you.”

How to speak the right language to your audience

Does the audience have a language of their own?

Absolutely, they do! In fact, the targeted group of prospect lives in a world of their own.

They’ve cultures and speak a set language. If you don’t speak the language, you’re a foreigner and you know how difficult it’s for strangers to lead a profitable business in a foreign land.

A lot of successful businesses have mastered this art. I’ve mastered the same art of communicating effectively with my audience, and I want to show you ‘one’ simple way to do it. The language your audience speaks is called “trust.”

Therefore, every marketing offer you put out there must speak “trust.” You’re not a hit-and-run entrepreneur. If you’re, I suggest you look for more viable business offline. On the internet, trust is KEY. But you can’t plead with prospects to trust you, but you can ‘earn’ the trust. How do you earn the trust? (Solve one bugging problem, well!)

How to leverage on existing clients for publicity

We’re good to go, but before I leave you, I want to let you know that existing clients are the strongest marketing army for your business. Your sales team can only do what they’re paid to do, but happy clients can go the extra mile to promote you.

Some of these clients may not know the impact of word of mouth referrals, but you do. But it’s not very easy to leverage on clients, especially, when you’ve dissatisfied a lot of people. In that case, I suggest you work on regaining the lost trust. But if you’ve a happy client-cabinet, it’s time to use them to supercharge your business. How do you do that?

  • Ask them to tell others
  • Over-deliver and prompt them into action
  • Reward referrals
  • Build an enviable brand (existing clients will have no choice, than to connect with success)

You can do this

I’ve a strong feeling that you can grow your small business, irrespective of the rising competition online. Recognize the rare potentials in you then release it into your business. In order to achieve this feat, ‘confidence’ is starting point. Be strong, be smart, be you.

Image Credit: angelapaige