So, what is a screencast?

A screencast is a video of your computer screen, basically.

Here’s an example of a screencast:

As you can see, I used a program to take a video of what I was doing with my computer screen to showcase a particular skill.

Not all businesses can do this, as some businesses have absolutely no need for recording a computer screen in order to showcase a tip, trick or technique.

A few examples of why you would use a screencast:

  • You want to showcase an awesome software.
  • You want to showcase a specific technique that can only be done online.
  • You want to showcase a particular feature on your website, such as showing people how to sign up.
  • You want to showcase any tip, trick or technique that is being used on your computer or online.

What are the types of software you can use to create a screencast?

You can use ScreenFlow which is for Mac or Camtasia which is for Windows or Mac. I use both and love both programs, they each offer something unique. ScreenFlow, is simpler in every form. Camtasia is a bit more complex and can also be used as a general video editor (the video editor is super easy, it’s all drag & drop technology).

ScreenFlow and Camtasia are both $99 and they both offer free trials.

Creating screencasts are a great way to showcase your knowledge in video format. It’s all part of video marketing and can be the most viewed, commented and liked videos that you ever create because the information in the video is creating value for your audience.

So basically, it increases your online presence because you’re showing off your ability and knowledge through video marketing, which can be one of the most powerful social media tools.

And of course, people love to comment, like & favorite videos that showcase great tips.

Right now, I’m offering a class through Udemy called: Using Camtasia Studio To Create Video Tutorials and it’s available for only $9! It goes over everything that you’ve ever wanted to know about how to capture a screencast, how to edit and how to publish it.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or want to discuss any ideas that you may have for possible screencasts.