Whether it’s in business or in life, change is an essential element for success or simply for moving forward.

You know what’s sad in life?

People who live their whole lives dealing with the same problems; people who live their lives and never seem to be able to improve who they are.

These people come to the end of their life and they still haven’t changed!

They come to the end of their life and they’ve never become all they could’ve been or done all they could’ve done!

The Golden Key That Unlocks Transformation In Life & Business
Do you know what one of the main keys to change is? It’s simple. Are you ready? You have to REALLY WANT to change your life or business.

I just recently watched the movie 127 Hours.”

It’s the story of climber Aron Ralston who goes climbing alone, without telling anyone where, and gets trapped. As he’s climbing between a huge crevice he loosens a bolder which falls and traps him there by his right arm.

He waits over 3 days trying everything he can to budge the bolder and get his arm out, but he can’t!

He finally has to answer this question: Do I really want to change this situation? How badly?

You might answer, “Of course I want to change!” But do you really? Let me share a story I heard…

$33 A Night To Stay In Prison
In 1993, it was reported that a small order of Franciscan nuns in Prague decided to subsidize their convent by opening the downstairs of their facility – formerly an underground detention center used by the Communists to imprison and torture their enemies – as a hotel.

For $33 a night, you could stay in a former prison cell. The proprietors say they try to achieve a middle ground between comfort and authenticity in the “hotel.” Many people are really looking for just that – a comfortable prison cell.

Do you really want to change? How you answer that question will determine whether you see lasting change or not.

What’s Required Of You To Change
I heard of story of two college students who decided one night to pull a prank on a sleeping fraternity brother. They took limburger cheese and rubbed it gently on his upper lip.

When he woke up, he sniffed, looked around and said, “This room stinks!” Then he walked out into the hall and said, “This hall stinks!” As he was leaving the dorm, they could hear him say, “The whole world stinks!”

The two college students laughed as they saw him walk away, because they knew their buddy was going to walk around blaming the smell on everything else around him, when the problem was with him!

A lot of people are like this.

They blame everyone else for their problems. Some people blame their parents, some people blame their friends, or their teachers, or their boss, their competitors – even their customers!

But the real problem is that they never take responsibility for their own problems!

That’s why people stay stuck where they’re at and never see change! They’ve been blaming everyone and everything all their lives.

If you really want things to change in your life and business, then you need to stop blaming everything and everyone and take responsibility.

Business philosopher Jim Rohn says this, “I used to say ‘I sure hope things will change.’ Then I learned that the only way things are going to change for me is when I change.”

My promise to you is this: If you don’t really want to change, then you never will!

Aron Ralston got to the point where he was willing to do ANYTHING to change his situation – even if it meant cutting off his trapped arm!

And that’s exactly what he did. That’s why Aron is alive today and in a whole different situation.

Do you really want change in your business or life? Are you willing to cut out anything that’s holding you back?

  • Negative relationships?
  • Bad habits?
  • Even things that you like and things that make you happy?

If you are not, then listen to these sobering words…

Abraham Maslow said this, “If you plan on being anything less that you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life.”