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Great coaches hunger for success—not their own success, but the success of their players, their team. And that’s not only true in the world of sports, but in business, too. When you hire an executive coach, you’re hiring someone who’s going to actively root for you to succeed, and provide you with all the tools you need to flourish. It’s literally their job!

But how exactly can a coach help you achieve higher levels of success? Here are just a few of the ways.

How Coaches Bring Greater Success

Your coach will help you see yourself more clearly. We don’t always see ourselves the way that others do; we may not have a fair assessment of our own strengths, or a sufficient understanding of our own weaknesses. A coach can gather information from your colleagues and team members and help you see yourself in a different light—identifying the strengths you need to focus on, and the areas of improvement for you to pursue.

Your coach will change the way you see others, too. Are you good at finding the strengths in your team members—including the hidden or latent ones? And are you adept at understanding how your team members are best motivated? An executive coach will provide you with the skills you need to better understand the people around you, leading to better relationships with your team.

Your coach will show you how to build better relationships. Once you better understand yourself and the people around you, you’ll be poised to build truly meaningful and positive relationships—with superiors, with team members, with customers, and with peers. Relationship-building is a key to success in any field, but it’s something that requires commitment and skill—both of which your coach can help you with.

Your coach will help you achieve your personal and professional goals. This is really the bottom line, and it’s worth some emphasis: You’re the one who sets the agenda, and you’re the one who decides what “success” really means. Your coach is there to help you work toward achieving your goals—no matter what they may be.