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What will the “hype” story be today. Every day there is some extreme piece of news that turns into the latest hype story. In 2016, there is a hype story regarding the presidential primary. Every day there is a new story about some rude comments that were made or how one person’s past history indicates this person is not ready for the position.

At the same time there are social issues that are taking front stage and if you have an opinion that is rooted in scripture and strong family values, you are told that you are a bigot.

At work, there are some people who claim morale is the worse its ever been or that a certain manager got upset with me because I made a mistake.

The final area is our smartphone devices notifying us of “breaking news” events like the Golden State Warriors losing to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Is this really “breaking news”.

Does the “hype” story affect us? I would say in some format we have been shaped by some of the stories and information coming from the media as well as our own culture. Social media has helped promote the spread of news or so-called news information. At work, sometimes the smallest incident or action can take over and spread like wild fire through an organization.

My perspective on “Following the Hype” story

  • I do not let myself get sucked up in the latest “breaking news item” or story that shows one party is rude or insensitive. I have my opinions, other people have their opinions; Opinions are great unless they are used to bully another person, no matter what the topic is.
  • Focus on making my own news. I cannot change what is happening outside my work and home directly but I can work with and listen to people’s needs around me.
  • Develop a well-rounded sense of awareness. I cannot ignore the hype around me, but I can be more aware of what is happening and study it closer to see how I can become a better person and run a stronger business in spite of it. (This is my favorite perspective) It is amazing to me how some people ignore this topic of “awareness” and go about their day without any or little interaction with people and the culture around them.
  • Let people know where you stand on topics through your actions and communication. I don’t focus on the “hype issues” of the day, but I continue to work at developing deeper values through my relationship with others and by the way I carry myself at work.
  • Finally, I need to study and learn from “the hype”. – – Think about it, Trump does not need to pay for political advertisements because he makes the news by something he says or does every day and the media continues to pick it up and broadcasts it. Also, know that some protesters at his events are often planted there by certain groups to show chaos. There are a lot of games being played out there and all of us need to be more informed. Whether I like or dislike some of the things Trump says, I am learning more about what is really taking place with respect to political positioning.
  • Following the “Hype” at work – -Dig deeper into a statement or issue that comes into work. How many people are affected? Is the threat real with solid examples? (Many times the hype can be addressed after this question.) Identify the “hype”, address it and move on.

Hype is real and it demands are awareness. It cannot be ignored. We should not have to change our beliefs or become reactive when some type of hype story happens. Too many people are doing this at the present time. In the end, we just need to develop more awareness of our situations and look for ways to improve and build on our current thoughts and beliefs. As a leader this is your responsibility. How you react may impact and influence the decision and action of others.