This story starts about a month ago when Vasil Azarov with Startup Socials challenged me to create an actionable SEO webinar that could improve brand’s organic Google rankings quickly. If you know anything about SEO, that’s not easy to do quickly. I sat down and thought about all the client SEO strategies I’ve worked on, and how they affected the rankings.

I narrowed down all the strategies I knew and came up with 5 SEO Hacks that when tested, doubled the number of website rankings in organic search. The websites tested were focused on 10 longtail keyword’s rankings from a 30 day period. These 5 hacks then became the topic of the webinar we did.

With the standard amount of promotion, the webinar quickly became one of the most RSVP’d webinars I’ve ever held.

Clearly, there is a high level of interest in how to hack SEO.

So, I’ve compiled the basics from my webinar into this blog post to tell you EXACTLY how to create an SEO roadmap for your business, that if done correctly, will double your rankings in 90 days or less.

Here goes.

SEO Hack #1

Here are the 5 SEO Hacks that can drastically increase your rankings

For a while, I saw a trend where SEOs focused largely on link building as a strategy for ranking higher organically in Google. SEOs were most concerned with quantity of links, studying anchor text diversity and setting up PBN networks (a gray / black hat tactic that Google will now penalize you for) to try and outrank their competition.

I began to realize that there was a large neglect of some of the technical SEO strategies. This is where we start the road map to the major SEO Hacks.

Baselining Your Rankings

Using, or another rank tracking platform, gather all the rankings you’ve got on a Google Sheet. You’ll need this to track your progress through this SEO roadmap.

Hacking SEO: The Fastest Way To Double Your Rankings In 90 Days | Growth Marketing Conference

You’re not following Google’s mantra and it’s hurting your traffic.

Over a lot of other things, user experience is top priority for Google search.

So much so, that site speed, user experience and page layout have all been attributed to ranking factors in the Google search algorithm.

What many site owners don’t know, is that there’s an easy way to check how Google grades your site on these aspects.

Google’s Pagespeed Insights is our SEO Hack #1 because most sites fail it badly, and the items are easy to fix for the most part. With this tool, Google grades the website on Mobile and Desktop and produces a score. It also shows what specifically needs to be corrected on your site.

Give this to your developer, get all of the items corrected and your rankings will go up. Also note, that 100/100 scores are almost impossible to score. Typically, scoring around 80 or above is a great range to shoot for.

Here are the items that are covered in the different scoring windows:

Hacking SEO: The Fastest Way To Double Your Rankings In 90 Days | Growth Marketing Conference

SEO Hack #2

Google’s secret communication portal they reward you for using. Every project I work on, I install Google Webmaster Tools on the client’s website. A large majority of them don’t have it installed. This is a major way you can improve your rankings immediately.

Indexing, checking for penalties, sitelinks, and search traffic inside of this tool is our SEO Hack #3. In the slide below, here are the major areas to correct in the communication portal.

Hacking SEO: The Fastest Way To Double Your Rankings In 90 Days | Growth Marketing Conference

Take Up More Real Estate in Google

  • Site Links – Encourage to display your most converting pages in search results.

Faster Loading With Schema

  • Highlighter – Testing shows Google ranks structured data highlighter.

Constantly Check Errors

  • Errors – If there are errors Google may not even have the page in their index.

Encourage Google To Index

  • Sitemap – This is a ranking killer that’s happening on a lot of sites.

SEO Hack #3

Steal the traffic from the major competition in your space.

Hacking SEO: The Fastest Way To Double Your Rankings In 90 Days | Growth Marketing Conference

You probably know the major competition in your space, right? Here’s how to steal the traffic.

This strategy takes a good copywriter, a virtual assistant to do outreach and a solid designer. This is an on-going hack you’ll want to perform month after month.

Step 1 – Look up your biggest competitor on and download all of the incoming backlinks to their website. These are places where reporters, bloggers and influencers have written or linked to their website, causing them to rank high in Google.

Step 2 – Check out each of the sites linking to theirs and do some research on the writer or website that covered up. You’ll want to decide and open a conversation about submitting some content about your website to them.

Step 3 – This is where a great copywriter comes in. Getting published is a skill, but once you are, you’ll get some great links and start ranking for the keywords your competitor. The top 3 listings in Google typically get over 75% of the clicks for that keywords. That’s your chance to steal traffic.

As a pro-tip, here’s the ideal way to structure the link building to your website with different types of content from sites that link to you. It’s important to stagger the type of content, anchor text and page it links to.

Hacking SEO: The Fastest Way To Double Your Rankings In 90 Days | Growth Marketing Conference

SEO Hack #4

A rising (keyword) tide raises all ships. The roadmap is already there.

Many people wonder what to blog about, write guest posts or PR pieces about. Most specifically, people wonder what keywords to include. There’s a great hack for that.

Deep inside of your Google Webmaster Tools, there’s a keyword roadmap. This map shows you all of the keywords your site is showing up in Google for, called impressions. If you focus more of your marketing department’s content on those impressions, you’ll start ranking higher and higher for them.

Here’s an example of a roadmap from

Hacking SEO: The Fastest Way To Double Your Rankings In 90 Days | Growth Marketing Conference

These keywords I’m not ranking for, but once consistent content gets published with these keywords in mind, they’ll start ranking on the first page.

This list gives you an indication of relevant keywords that are relatively easy to rank for, with the right content strategy.

This is a great list to use to outline your blog content calendar, and a great list to make sure you include in your guest postings or PR strategy.

Here are the factors that come into play:

Hacking SEO: The Fastest Way To Double Your Rankings In 90 Days | Growth Marketing Conference

SEO Hack #5

Scaling the unscalable SEO tasks and the tools to do it with.

Saving the best for last here, there are a set of SEO tools that industry insiders use, pass around, and sometimes keep quiet about. These help in the content syndication process shown below.

Hacking SEO: The Fastest Way To Double Your Rankings In 90 Days | Growth Marketing Conference

This process requires an intern, VA or a combination of tools. Getting the linkable content in the right hands is simple if you know the process. This is why scaling link building through content syndication is our SEO Hack #5.

List of potential publishers

List of great content titles

Outreach tools

  • is my favorite tool to use for outreach, but there are a lot out there.

Syndicated content

  • Buffer and Hootsuite and the main players here for gathering some social traction of the content.

My favorite SEO tools are

  • DocSend
  • BuzzSumo
  • Yet Another Mail Merge
  • PipeDrive
  • AdEspresso

Google Webmaster Tools

All of the things we’re reviewing today are the do-it-yourself type of hacks. The variable is that some of them take some experience to execute quickly. For those that are in the leadership at a brand, a startup or wearing a number of hats (including marketing), this roadmap should be seriously considered.

Traffic from organic web searches (because of SEO) is some of the most valuable traffic online. Once you’re ranking high, it’s possible to stay there for quite some time.

Final Thoughts

SEO is one of the most elusive (and beneficial) marketing channels out there. Following certain processes for improving rankings can very quickly change the position of your website in Google search. That’s what we teach in this SEO Hacking course.