In the Contact Center world, agents are asked to pick up the nuances of new campaigns, clients, and agent groups within weeks, if not days. From new hire training to compliance language, or even simple program changes, Agent Scripting can be an invaluable contact center tool, guiding agents through new territory.

Think of scripting as a map, a resource that empowers agents and ensures that communications reach the optimal outcome while adhering to best practices. Consider these scenarios, in which scripting guides the interaction:

New Agent Training: New hires face many obstacles as they get situated. They must learn the process and language in extremely short time frames. The ability to view scripted language via an agent desktop offers call centers an essential tool to ease training. Armed with insight into cultural and workflow details, agents can create repeatable customer experiences.

Portfolio Specific Language: As client-specific requirements and offerings evolve, continual (re)learning can decrease workflow pace, especially for those in collections roles arranging payments. Rather than feeding agents content during intraday meetings, putting a map of sorts at their disposal can be much more effective. Keep the specifics top-of-mind with a scripting tool and with every screen pop, specific campaign details can be presented, empowering them to move toward successful resolution.

Compliance Requirements: As the rules governing interactions with consumers continues to proliferate, it becomes more critical that your team uses the right language with customers. Whether its Mini-Miranda or HIPAA language, the specifics matter. For example, collectors often neglect to verify addresses after right-party verification. To ensure this step doesn’t get skipped, a script prompts the agent with the address recorded in the dialer file.

When it comes to your agents’ workflow and the path they have to travel, make sure they aren’t stranded on a strange road without a map providing them direction. Equip them for success and optimal outcomes so their learning curves don’t undermine campaign success and profitability.

Agent Scripting becomes even more powerful when used within a portal that allows agents to click on hyperlinks that load external websites within the same window. This tool can be particularly effective for accessing skip tracing sites or credit systems. To learn more about SoundBite’s Agent Voice Portal and Agent Text Portal and how they can optimize your contact center, click here.