In this article we’re going to talk about 9 critical areas of your life and business you should be focusing on this year. By focusing on these specific areas, you will help your business grow by leaps and bounds.

Some are hard. Some are easy.

Some require you to make changes… and others require you to think and analyze what you’ve already done.

But, to find success, you need to TAKE ACTION.

Take action and you’ll see your business and your life GROW in ways you never imagined!

But before we start, I want to point out a big change.

In 2020 we’re going to start sharing more business related ideas on our blog. Not just focusing on Marketing in general, or Text marketing in particular…

We’re going to get into some bigger topics that will help you grow and expand and improve your business… and your life.

So hold on, Today’s article is going to challenge you a bit.

What if I promised to DOUBLE your business in 2020… all while working less and enjoying life more?

If I promised to double your business in 2020, would you believe me… would you even listen to me?

What if I promised to double your business… AND showed you how to do it with fewer hours and LESS stress?

Would you listen closely?

You should… and here’s why.

I own a number of businesses doing more than a million dollars a year in revenue. AND they’re all profitable and growing. And, best of all, I have a LIFE. I’m not chained to my desk 24/7.

I don’t say this to brag… I say this so you know I’m the real deal. I want you to keep reading… listen to what I have to say… and implement the ideas I give you.

Think about it this way… you wouldn’t trust a surgeon to cut you open if he didn’t have EXPERIENCE and a MEDICAL DEGREE!

So, why would you get business advice from internet fakers?

If you want honest advice, look to real people who run real businesses.

I’m here to share my experience and knowledge… and I hope it helps you.

As I look out on 2020, I know I need to keep improving… and so do you!

There are areas in each of my businesses that are struggling. There are areas we could do things better – much better. Plus, there are things we should STOP doing too, because they are a waste of time.

I’m always looking to improve… because that’s real life.

Any business owner who claims they have the perfect business is a liar.

Organizing your business and making it operate efficiently is like nailing Jello to the wall… it’s just not possible. Every time you think you have something locked down… the business changes.

Sometimes the change is for the good… sometimes it’s for the bad.

But today we’re starting FRESH for 2020. As I look at 2020 I see 9 big areas Business owners of all stripes need to focus on.

Here are the 9 areas I’m going to focus on… and you – as a business owner – should focus on them too:

  1. Focus on PROFITS
  2. Give your Customers special attention
  3. Strive to be a great leader
  4. Spend lots of time on marketing
  5. Document your business… it could save you.
  6. Inspire your employees
  7. With Success comes money… Now invest it the right way
  8. Realize Work/Life balance is a JOKE, and
  9. Always be thinking of the future

I know what you’re thinking… This is a ton of work.

You’re absolutely right. Business isn’t easy. But if you do the work, you will be rewarded!

So, let’s jump in…

FIRST – Focus on Profits

Let me ask you a question… Why are you in business?

Don’t be shy – you can say it… MONEY!


The reason 100% of people start a business is to make money.

Just to be clear, if you start a business for any other reason – that’s a charity. A noble thing… but a charity and a business are very different animals.

Businesses EXIST to make money for their owners. Pure and simple.

And this year I want you to focus on PROFITS first.

As I like to say, Profits are the stuff you get to spend at the grocery store. Big sales numbers are nice, lots of employees are great… but at the end of the day you need to focus on PROFITS.

So carve out time to do that today.

But that’s not all…

Show Some LOVE to Your Customers… and Grow Your Business!

Show your customers some love

I know that in today’s “Automated” world, interacting with customers one on one is a problem.

In the software world, we’re told to build products that don’t require you to ever communicate with the user.

This is why getting support is such a pain.

Many businesses see the customer support department as a money pit.

They think that every minute you spend talking to a client, customer, or user is wasted money.

I’m here to tell you that’s just wrong.

Give your customers some attention. Show them some love.

Don’t be afraid to call and talk to them. Ask them honest questions… I know you’ll learn something crazy.. and it will help improve your business.

Do it today!

Focusing on the numbers and on your customers is great, but as a business owner you need to step up and be a leader.

And that’s my next suggestion…

Strive to Be a Great Leader

Leaders are MADE, not born.

The history books are filled with examples of leaders who showed up at critical times in history. But I think the harder part is being a leader day in and day out.

Being a leader in business has many facets…

  • Sometimes It’s making a tough decision that no one will ever cheer.
  • Sometimes it’s about being approachable and helpful to employees.
  • Frequently leaders are asked to be a strong visionary.

You can read books about being a leader… and I suggest you do!

You can study great leaders in history… and I suggest you do!

But here’s the big secret to being a leader – you’ll never stop learning. Being a leader means being flexible in a world that’s constantly changing. You’ll need to try new things, and constantly be stretching the boundaries.

This is a skill you’ll need to work hard at… and it’s a skill with huge rewards!

While you’re buying those leadership books on Amazon… toss in a few about marketing too… because that’s my next suggestion.

Spend a TON of Time On Marketing to Grow Your Business

When I look at small businesses, the number one area in need of work is MARKETING.

Hands down sales and marketing is the most important part of a business… but it often gets thought of the least.

When times are tough, marketing gets cut.

When times are good, marketing gets ignored.

If you really want to see your business grow in 2020, PLAN TO SPEND A TON OF TIME ON MARKETING.

Look at every piece of your marketing puzzle.

Tear it apart. Make it better. Change it up. Then Change it again.

Challenge the status quo… do something CRAZY…

Your business will be the better for it!

Oh, and for god’s sake, start using text message marketing in your business. ( is the best… yes, I’m biased!) Trust me, you’ll see massive changes in your business by just deploying a few marketing tests with text marketing.

While you’ll spend a ton of time working on your marketing, here’s something that should only take a day or two.

DOCUMENT your business process.

Please, if you do nothing else I suggest, do this.

If you have a business you depend on… or if you have employees… Document your business.

Simply answer this question: “Who does What, When, Why, and HOW?”

Just jot this down and it will save your ass one day.

In a future article, I’m going to tell you a story about a business that was SAVED… 10 jobs were saved… because they insisted that everyone DOCUMENT their job.

More on that later, but It’s a huge lesson… Trust me… do it. This is a project that could SAVE your business one day.

While documenting things isn’t fun, this next suggestion could be!

Work to Inspire your Employees

I don’t care if you’re the only employee in the business… Or, if you have 500 people working for you.

Being inspiring will take your business to the next level.

How do you inspire people?

That’s the age-old question.

  • How did Ghengis Khan inspire his warriors?
  • How did Alexander the Great inspire his men?
  • How did Churchill inspire a nation during World War II?
  • How did Steve Jobs inspire at Apple?
  • How does Gary Vaynerchuck inspire a generation of entrepreneurs?

The answer isn’t easy – but just realizing you need to focus on it is an important first step!

Next is one of my FAVORITE TOPICS…

MONEY – Invest it the right way.

I’ve had the fortune to meet many rich and “very rich” people.

I’ve had dinner with billionaires! Surprisingly, they’re just like you and me.

Better still, I consider many millionaires to be my friends.

Let me share a little secret… Earning money can be a struggle… but if you invest it the right way, it will make your life really easy!

I’ve got an article in the works… I’m going to share my method of investing those big bucks you earn.

Someday you’re going to cash a six figure check… or if you’re good, it will be for millions. What you do next, will have a major impact on your life as you know it.

My article… is going to discuss how to invest for safety, big returns, and to make your life EASY… (Doesn’t that sound nice!)

Stay tuned for that one.

There’s two more areas I want to highlight, and this next one is going to raise some eyebrows. Here we go…

Realize the IDEA of Work/Life Balance is a JOKE.

Controversial, right?

I don’t care how many business coaches and internet gurus you listen to or read… anyone who pushes the Work/Life balance hasn’t really lived.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this…

PASSION is unbalanced.

Passion in anything is unbalanced.

If you’re passionate about something, anything… balance goes right out the window. You can be passionate about your family, friends, a significant other, business, a hobby… You can be passionate about anything.

And answer me this… if you’re passionate about something, where is your focus? ON THAT THING…

See, there is no balance.

Accept it… and I’ll show you how to use this knowledge to be even more successful in business and in life!

Finally, the ninth and final area you need to focus on to take your business to the next level in 2020…

Always be thinking of the future.

This is one big thing that separates us from the animals on the earth. Our ability to think not only a few minutes or days or weeks ahead… but the ability to think Months… even years at a time.

Now tell me, when was the last time you sat down and thought about your life 5 years from now?

I mean honestly thought about it.

  • What did you see in your mind’s eye?
  • What did you focus on?
  • What did you feel?

In business we’re pulled into the day to day nuances. But great leaders and successful business owners schedule time to think long term.

They block out the day to day noise and focus on the future. Try it, it’s not easy…

That’s how they plan, and grow, and reach levels of success many will only dream of.

So there you have it…

Your Next Step to Grow Your Business in 2020.

We’ve covered 9 different areas every business owner needs to focus on. I teased you about some of these topics.

I’ve given you a glimpse at what you should think about and focus on.

But, don’t worry. This isn’t the end of the story.

I’ve got a series of articles in the works to unpack and examine each and every one of these topics in detail.

I’m going to be publishing them on the blog over the next few weeks and months.

Now you’re probably wondering why I’m going to all this effort?

Why am I willing to spend my time and share with anyone these ideas… It’s because I’m greedy. I know it. And, I’m not afraid to say it.