Business growth
Business growth

I know why you’re here. You’re looking for options to grow your business. Yet, you’re unsure which way to go and want to find new ways to do it. We all love digital, but traditional advertising is still here and going strong. Still unsure about TV, especially DRTV? If you’re never really thought about using DRTV, the following will explain why you definitely should.

Generate leads

“How to generate leads” must be one of the most common phrases to google among business people. Yet, instead of going for the digital mediums, the often-overlooked TV can be used successfully to generate leads.

DRTV ad campaigns are great for businesses to generate immediate interest in their products or services. Adding a call to action to a TV ad makes it a lot easier for viewers to connect with a business. Macmillan’s DRTV advertisement for the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning recruited over 50,000 hosts. That was more than a 50% increase in donations for their charity. Moreover, the DRTV ad helped to increase their registrations 127%. The results obviously speak for themselves.

When the popularity and potential of the TV medium is connected to the immediate action of direct response, the outcome will be rewarding for your business. The study by VAB shows a direct correlation between website visits and DRTV ads. For instance, Burger King increased their DRTV spend 23% and during that period their number of unique visitors increased by 79%. As you can see, TV medium itself will provide you access to a wider audience, whereas a DRTV ad will go even further and push the prospects to convert by forwarding them to your website or a mobile application.

Get predictive data and allocate your budget wisely

When your target audience has reacted to your ad, there is another aspect that needs to be kept in mind. Optimization is the keyword here. If you’re determined to get the best cost per conversion rate, you need to optimize your TV ads for the best returns. To receive the most accurate results, you need to analyse your TV campaigns. However, the widely-used ratings and focus groups systems both fall short on the accuracy aspect.

Neither of these options reflect the target audience’s behaviour accurately enough for DRTV analytics. Instead, more and more TV analytics platforms granularly analyse TV ad results and give actionable guidelines to optimise future campaigns. Based on historical data, the success of specific creatives, the time and the channel, the platform is able to build a statistical model to estimate the success of your future ads.

For instance, one of the top 10 short-term loan companies in the UK saw a 43% decrease in their cost-per-new-visitor after using a TV analytics platform. Moreover, their increase in conversions rose 75%. They allocated their TV ads to the most cost-effective spots and gained revenue because of it.

For every business, allocating the budget wisely is crucial. By making wise decisions based on actionable data, you will know for sure where your money is going.

Second Screen
Using second screen while watching TV

Drive online success

Digital businesses also shouldn’t overlook the advantages of DRTV. Over the past 4 years, DRTV ads featuring a URL have increased by 28% in the UK television. That is almost one-third of all TV ads. It shows TV advertising is not only for certain products anymore. Even if your business is based on a digital presence, TV acts as a megaphone and has a big impact on the awareness of a brand. For instance, WP Curve saw a 42% increase in sign-ups after television appearances. That is a HUGE gain.

Mobile app companies are avid users of TV ads. It’s not surprising if you take a look at the numbers: app installs increased from 56-74% when the TV spots aired. The survey was conducted in 100 different countries and monitored more than 1 billion interactions, which shows it wasn’t the case of just a few companies.

Moreover, people are more prone to install apps when watching TV because most viewers keep their mobile phone close by. Depending on what your business is about, DRTV is easily adapted with different mediums. Whether you have an app or an online platform, both can be successfully connected to DRTV.

Nielsen survey
Nielsen survey results – Trust in Advertising, 2015

Gain credibility

TV has another undeniable advantage – credibility. Every business wants to be recognized as reliable. Gaining trust of your target audience is highly important in establishing a successful business. A Nielsen survey about global trust in advertising reveals that the reliance on traditional advertising is still strong. 63% of the respondents trust ads on TV, whereas less than a half of the respondents have confidence in the online advertising mediums. According to the CEO of Vistaprint, Peter Tardif, if a business is advertised on TV, the consumers perceive it differently.

He added that advertising on TV has elevated their online business significantly. A trustworthy medium with an ad that provides immediate action? Sounds like a great combination to get a lift in revenue.

DRTV is beneficial for your small business

It’s not a myth that buying TV ads is expensive. It actually is, especially if you’re going for the spray and pray method, where your TV ads are not optimized to run on the most cost-effective spots. Then it will be even pricier. That’s why it’s a common knowledge that TV advertising is mainly the playground for bigger businesses with larger budgets.

However, lower costs set DRTV ad campaigns apart from traditional TV ad campaigns. DRTV is actually a cost-efficient mass communication tool while providing access to vast audiences with lower expenditures. That makes DRTV accessible for businesses with smaller budgets.

In fact, DRTV ads cost up to 50% less than traditional branding ads. The measurability and predictability of DRTV makes the medium more cost-effective than other mediums. In addition, it will give access to wider audiences. That is a combination that especially a growing business needs. Literally you’ll be able to raise brand awareness and gain conversions with lower costs. It doesn’t only seem like a good deal, it actually is.

Whether your have a small business or a big one, adding DRTV to your marketing mix will pay off. Even better if your DRTV ad campaign is optimized so you can allocate your budget more cost-effectively and literally save money. This is undeniably important for every business despite the size.

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