Use These Tools to Kick Start Your Business in the New Year

grow-your-business-in-2017-with-these-4-toolsToday I have some tools to help your business get off to a great start before the next year begins. Here’s four links with tips and tricks to kick start your Monday.

Growing your business this year may have been a challenge. By using the right tools you can attract more leads and sales for your next season. There are several ways to make this process a lot easier, even if you currently have a small budget. Do you need to get a better start for your business next year? Take advantage of these tools, and let me know how these work for you!

1) Gain valuable sales data – Datanyze

Get real-time insights from buyer signals online. Datanyze is a smart software solution that will help you keep track of your customers’ actions along with visitor insights. This intuitive tool will pull information from your website, and include predictive analytics and technology resources that fit your business. The resource can help your business build a stronger presence online with precise insights and data.


2) Savvy email marketing for bloggers – ConvertKit

Do you need to improve your email strategy with better insights? ConvertKit provides a simple platform that helps you create targeted emails to your subscribers. There are over 35 integrated marketing services such as Squarespace, Gravity Forms, Teachable, LeadPages, and more. The cost of the this tool is made to be affordable for smaller budgets who want professional results and more website growth.


3) Sophisticated data analyzing for everyone – Chartio

Explore and visualize your business data with ease. Chartio allows you to gather information from just about anywhere online without the need to know complicated SQL language. The results are turned into visual stories that are clear and easy to follow so that you can learn exactly how your business is being viewed online.


4) Learn your customer satisfaction rate – SatisMeter

Reduce your churn rate and start accelerating your sales growth. SatisMeter collects important feedback on your business’s products or services via mobile or from a desktop computer. Provide what your customers need with surveys and real-time analytics. Their Net Promoter® system will allow you to measure your progress and build a loyal following.


Hopefully you will find these tools for business useful to your sales growth. Are there any that you would like to add as well?