cashUtilities tend to take up a notably large part of a business’s costs and if you’re in an energy intensive industry such as manufacturing, , these utility costs are likely to be fairly high.

Of course, the fact that the cost of utilities tends to be constantly increasing doesn’t help. All we can do is secure better energy prices and actively try to lower our use. There are plenty of ways to cut costs, here are some tips on how to do just that.

Business Energy

If you owned a home you’d go to a website suitable for that requirement and if you own a business it’s better to go to an energy broker or someone specific this that area.

Energy brokers will do all the hard work for you, meaning you don’t have to worry about all the noise and jargon, spend time on the phone flitting from call to call land option to option. They’ll look for the best energy offering for your needs in the same way any broker would and in essence hold your hand.

Depending on your business, some may offer audits and recommendations on where, how and what you can do to cut costs – i.e. behavioural changes, light usage and fittings changes. Here are a number of ways to lower your businesses energy usage.

Some brokers earn a commission, while others charge you for their services – it depends on the individual broker. However, in most cases they will save you and your business money – the most important thing of all!Water Costs

Fixed charges and also usage are the two things that impact on water costs for business. In the most part, water doesn’t vary in cost significantly unless your business uses a lot of it. However, using water is not merely about cost there are also environmental factors to consider too and getting into a good habit is by no means a bad thing. So, here are a few tips to save on water usage.

  • Meters are a great way to save on water costs as they focus you on the amount used and also how to manage it. They also tend to showcase areas where there can be a significant usage.
  • Staff should also be alerted to water usage and posters can be a good way to encourage efficiency and stop people wasting this valuable resource.
  • Here are a number of other great tips to help businesses reduce water.

Business Telephone Costs

The business telephone can be a significant cost and though there are plenty of low cost options out there, many businesses still waste a lot of money on their landlines. Needless to say there are numerous ways to reduce the cost of a business telephone line – here are some:

  • Don’t agree rolling contracts as companies tend to increase the price after the first year
  • Read the small print – a lot of telephone companies will showcase their strong points, but there may be very high other charges to make up for these savings – be aware of these and research your charges.
  • Check the bill as there may be all sorts of extras on there that you don’t need such as call waiting, caller ID and call forwarding. These can ramp up your bill and utility costs significantly.
  • Ask yourself do you need a landline in this day and age with some of the other options out there.
  • Check here to see how you can save on utilities.

Following the above advice and following it up could save your business significant costs and increase its efficiency.