When you realize that you are …

Just an hour of someone’s day.

This might seem harsh. And, in a lot of senses, it is.

But, the fact is … as you are scheduling your 24 hours of your day you should be cognizant and respectful that you are just an hour in someone else’s 24 hours.

Realizing this sooner in your career is better. You will stand out in your career when people know you respect their time. When they know you will not ask for time unless there is a reason.

When they know you realize that you are just an hour in their day … they will come to expect and respect that. Great things can happen when you realize this.

The good news is … when you realize this you can also expect it from others.

  • Whether you are a sales rep calling on a client
  • Whether you are a partner or vendor providing an update or some services
  • Whether you are an employee (or leader) in a small or large organization.

You ARE just an hour in someone’s day. The sooner you realize and adjust to this … the better. Great things can happen when you realize this.

Make The Most Of It

It is incumbent upon you do to all the prep work, all the reading (and perhaps some of the thinking) to make that hour in someone else’s day be as productive as possible.

Pro Tip: Give ‘em Something to React to

What happens if you need less than an hour to get your point across, to get to a decision, to accomplish something, to achieve some milestone?

That’s when you say HOORAY! And, you give that person time back on their calendar.

  • How often have you been on a conference call or attending a meeting in person that uses the full hour (and often more)?
  • Have you ever been on a call or in a meeting that ended early … and the moderator “gave” you time back on your schedule?
  • Which situation would you rather be in on a regular basis? (Be the person that makes it happen)

Be Respectful of Time

It should probably go without saying, but I do think it’s worth stating.

When you are respectful of other peoples time… they respect you more.

  • Don’t ask for 5 minutes and take 20.
  • Don’t ask for a meeting if there is nothing that really benefits the other parties
  • Don’t attend meetings or calls when no agenda has been provided

Pro Tip: Decline meetings with no agenda.

Corollary: Don’t send meeting requests without an agenda

Your life, your career, your schedule will be better when you:

Realize … You are just an hour of someone’s day.

Great things can happen when you realize this.