I want to tell you a secret.Meetings aren't rocket science

Are you ready?


Great meetings aren’t rocket science.

There. Now you know.

‘What makes a meeting great?’ I hear you ask.

The answer is simple.

  • Great meetings end with decisions and tasks.
  • Great meetings make the people that attend them go ‘wow, that was really productive’, not ‘oh god, another hour wasted’.
  • Great meetings get things done, by following things through, not re-hashing the same time-wasting discussions over and over again.
  • Great meetings are exactly the right length, and don’t drag on for another 30 minutes for no reason.
  • Great meetings follow the agenda that’s set, so you don’t discuss 300 different things all at once.
  • Great meetings start and end on time.
  • Great meetings are followed through with great enthusiasm.

And that’s how you recognize a great meeting.

Remember the secret? Making great meetings isn’t rocket science. No, really, it isn’t.

Sit down two hours before your next meeting. It doesn’t matter if you are attending or organizing. Write down the agenda. Yes, using the MeetingKing agenda tool really makes is ever so much easier, but you can do it in Word if you want. Put ‘Topic’, ‘Presenter’, and ‘Time to go over the topic’. Send the agenda to the rest of the people in the meeting.

Prepare to be amazed.

People will print out the agenda, refer to it over the meeting, make sure that all the points are covered, and decide the meeting is over when you’ve discussed everything on the agenda. People will look to create tasks (based on the agenda) decide things (based on the agenda) and give valuable information based on, you guessed it, the agenda.

Once the meeting is over, send the decisions and tasks to everyone. Call them meeting minutes, a summary, the to-do list, or any other name, but make sure they are sent the same day, when the meeting is still relatively fresh in peoples’ minds.

Then set up a follow up meeting, so that people know that you weren’t aimlessly talking – they will understand that tasks need to be completed, that things need to get done.


  1. Agenda 2 hours before meeting
  2. Write down tasks and decisions
  3. Send list on same day
  4. Set follow up meeting

And those four simple steps will guarantee that you will have great meetings.

Now – Would you like to know how to have AWESOME meetings?