simple process

Today, I am writing on all sides of this topic. Getting Simple is hard to do in a world of distractions and mass information. The problem I am finding is I need to address this issue today or it will cost me more in wasted time and resources each day.

Process Improvement

Many people are trying to make sure all bases are covered. As a result, we have taken very simple tasks and created much-unneeded complexity overnight. People have so many options and ways of completing a task. This can be good to a point. Today, I think it is a big problem because it ultimately can lead to inconsistencies and invalid quality checks. Making processes much simpler needs to be a much higher priority for me than it has in the past.

Content Marketing

Over the last four years, I spent a lot of time creating content and I saw a lot of return on this content through organic search and connecting with people. Now, I have backed way off and I am actually seeing a higher quality of return. I fell into that trap that if content was not being produced daily, I would lose our edge. Now I have a lot of content that has some value, but in some ways confuses readers because processes have changed and personally, I continue to grow and change the way I view certain topics.

Website Evaluation

I want to get to an upgraded mobile responsive site that can be viewed on all devices. The technology is there, but the mindset for others and myself is a struggle. We are evaluating whether current processes still have value. Is it necessary to continue to live with a website jammed with content and a log-on for customers to process data because at the time it was written 1998-2005 there were no such things as apps and sophisticated data systems. This where I am at today. Frankly, something has to give. Moving with the new times is where I plan on going.


Today, most communication occurs with our hands and fingers. How long has it been since you last touched your phone? In addition, this new reality of instant information is actually a huge distraction to day-to-day communications. People are so focused on their own work; they are not looking up and seeing the big picture. Big picture has become this narrow focused site which is only focused on current situations.


Getting simple is a much harder process than change management . Change is good, getting simpler is much better. Complex processes need to be reviewed, discussed and rewritten. It is a never-ending process.

Today I started a Get Simple List and I continue to add different processes that need to be looked at going forward. I also listen for conversations that contain the following phrase, “That’s the way we have always done that process”. This is a huge red flag that a process needs to be looked at soon.