Going DigitalThese past few weeks, I have been working with a partnering company on the design of a new company website. I am learning a ton about how presentation of content is a huge factor in taking the company to a new level. It is amazing to me how a simple thing like a web page can come alive with the right content presentation and information presented on a small screen with so many options that make it a more interactive experience.

It’s not about going mobile. I may have leaned this way in the beginning, but I am quickly realizing that it is much more. It is about presentation and usability. Fewer clicks, built-in navigation, additional functionality to make informed decisions and ultimately drive consumer behavior to take action.

With this being said, it has really been helpful to work with an outside company and get feedback from people who may not be prime candidates for our services, but over time even their actions bring about a sense of enthusiasm for our services. Later in the process, we will engage some clients to test out our processes to ensure usability can happen where the experience is much more intuitive and easy to follow.

Going digital has helped me see the benefit in other areas. Our last trade show, we took a limited amount of brochures and we focused on building a company presence by handing out logo shopping bags and balls. These simple items were items people could relate to and it helped us make a connection with the people we came in contact with. In addition, we created some professional postcards that summarized our goal for the show by highlighting our services and key people to get in contact with at our company. We left our price guides and specific service brochures at our company and tried to project more of a professional image with our new, larger booth display with a graphic image and message regarding a hot topic facing companies in the food industry, (FSMA).

At our office, we have updated our campus with better lighting, a fresh painting and a cleaner look to showcase a prouder image of our company in all aspects of our services. We are also looking at expanding our employee’s job descriptions to focus more on service and less on work that was being done because processes had not been updated for better efficiency. We are continuing this process with advancements in technology to better manage our current infrastructure and to help position ourselves for future data and content initiatives.

Going digital is much more than creating a mobile experience for our clients and employees. It is a process where simplicity is the ultimate goal. Time is becoming a great asset for everyone. People are holding close to their time and they are prioritizing it all of the time. I believe the companies that can quickly put this type of infrastructure in place in their culture and their client experience will be the most successful going forward. The best news is that the technology, tools and resources are available to perform these activites and make a difference in a matter of months, (3-6) where it used to take years. What are you waiting for? You are either growing or you are dying.