how to go full throttle in business through the holidays

If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you know that everyone says that “business slows down for the holidays.”

Since I was young, I heard that “business is a roller coaster” and “when it’s good it’s good, and when it’s not…” Well, you get the point.

I’ve heard from more entrepreneurs than I’d like to admit—say that business slows down from October through January, and many think that it’s actually “tough to make sales” and that “people aren’t spending money on their businesses.”

I’m here to tell you, that though that may be a reality for some—it’s not the case for everyone.

Many businesses make loads of cash through the holidays.

Your business can explode through December just like it does in April or June.

Really, it’s just a choice.

Yes, making your business go full throttle through the holidays may mean that you don’t get the “mental vacation” that you may have been looking forward to. But with the right effort and intention, you’ll have a whopping December!

Being in business for yourself can mean that you’re working all the time for the first few years.

The beautiful thing though about taking control of your business, life, cash flow etc. is that you don’t have to work super hard—forever. At some point your work, dedication and long hours pay off.

Just think of this next year when you’re sipping on mojitos and eating pizza on the beach in Puerto Vallarta because you rocked out your business all through 2016 😉

In fact, I’ll meet you there… Great! Date set for December 2016 in Mexico.

Now, on to business…

First thing is first: your mindset.

Create a Belief that December is One of Your Best Months for Income.

If you want to create an abundance of cash flow and income through the holidays — you HAVE TO BELIEVE that it can happen. You have to believe that it’s not only possible but probable.

This reality has to become an absolute MUST.

Anything less will not give you the motivation and drive. A MUST will make you stop at nothing to achieve your goal. You have to accept no other option than what you’ve set out to believe. (Otherwise, you’ll just be fooling yourself, and you will wreck your confidence).

If you’re looking to crush it through the holidays, then accept nothing less.

Not every business does well through the season, but many around the world do!

Visualize Your Success.

Set aside a few moments to think about what this looks like for you. Does this mean you have 100-course sales this month? Or maybe you’re pre-selling your coaching program for enrollment in January? Maybe it means selling 4 website packages before the end of the year or having 300 people in your new webinar program this month.

Whatever the version of success looks like to you, make sure you are super clear about it.

Know what your goals are. Understand them, visualize them, and believe them to be true! Then act “As If” you’ve already accomplished them! These are manifestation steps outlined by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich. 100 years, billions of dollars, and thousands of entrepreneurs later and the steps are still working. Can’t go wrong there!

Commit to Your Goals!

Whatever your goals may be to crush it through the holidays—commit to them!

Don’t just say “it’d be nice.” I hear this too often from entrepreneurs. COMMIT.

When I say “commit” I mean like you would with a significant other. Ask them out to dinner (or laser tag… this is a chance to express your style!) and treat them with respect.

Okay, goals may not be your next date, but they still require the same (or more) energy from you and commitment level.

Chunk down your goals into actionable steps.

Don’t just say “I’m getting 4 new clients.” Start making steps to actually acquire them. What does this usually look like for you? What sources have the majority of your clients come from?

If getting more clients for you involves going to more chamber mixers, reciting your pitch and sitting down over coffee with your prospects… then go to every mixer and event from now through the new year.

Fun fact too, the holiday mixers and events are notoriously the best attended of the year. Been looking for your perfect clients? Head to your favorite holiday mixer, or young professionals event.

If acquiring more clients looks like running more Facebook advertisements to a page to schedule a discovery call with you, then do that too!

In fact, increase your ad budget for December just to get even more opportunities in this month than you did any other time of the year.

Call Past Clients.

Business is all about relationships.

If you’re looking to make December a killer month and build up loads of momentum for January, start calling your past clients. Ask them how they are doing. Check in and see if there’s any support that they could use from you coming up in the next month or so.

You may be surprised at how much business comes about by just checking in. Being on peoples’ radar is half the battle.

Ask for Referrals

If you are in business chances are you know other business owners.

While you are chatting with past clients ask for a referral. After all 65% of all new business comes from a referral.

Not sure how to ask?

Ask them how happy they were with your performance/service etc. Then when they say they were thrilled (cause let’s be honest you’re awesome!) ask them if they know anyone in their network that could use that level of support or service?

Ask them if they would mind facilitating an introduction either through email, or if they would make a call for you, and ask their friend if they think they could benefit from your services. Encourage your past clients to talk about their own experience with you and how it was a game changer.

After you get that referral make sure you do something nice for the person who passed it. Maybe send them a bottle of wine, massage, or a bonus for booking their next session with you!

Create Exclusive Holiday Packages.

If you have complimentary offerings, consider bundling them together for an exclusive offer through the first week of January.

For example, if you offer website services…

Make a bundle that would include a 5-page website, original branded copywriting, and a $500 credit for headshot photography.

The start of the year happens to be a great time for business. People are making new years resolutions left and right. If your business can capitalize on the resolutions then you should. Keep on bundling!

Send Personal Holiday Cards

Spend some time writing personalized holiday cards (hand written). A nice holiday card will stick around much longer than a flyer.

It’s personal and shows you care about your past clients. Added bonus? It reminds your clients of you every time they look at it. Plus it’s pretty common that your clients will call you and thank you for the hand-written experience.

Just like that—you have calls coming into your office.

While you’re at it, slip in an offer to your services exclusive to your past clients

Post more Frequently on Social Medias.

While other business people are taking mental vacations leading up to holiday time, this could be a great time to post on social media.

More people are spending time on social media with their added free time. If you can cater your content around the holidays it becomes more relevant and fun.

Don’t just sell. Think about creating content that is relevant to the holidays. Don’t underesterimte the value of entertaining and delighting your audience. It sells better than you think!

Start or Continue a Webinar or Live Video Training.

This works especially well if you can cater your webinar around the holidays.

A webinar about how to lose weight during the holidays is always helpful (if you’re a health coach). Who doesn’t put on an extra 10 or so lbs just from all the delicious cooking that is happening!?

If you have a current webinar or online video training that you haven’t done in a while…spark it up!

Give extra value to your audience and your followers through the holiday time.

They’ll thank you, because let’s be honest… no one says: “I wish you gave LESS value.” And you’re bank account will be happy after you offer your new holiday package (bundled with loads of awesome-ness) at the end of the training.

Build Strategic Partnerships.

Offer a partnered package with a friend or co-worker with complimentary niche and product.

This works great in luxury niches.

For example, Massage therapist and yogi’s… I am talking to you. Remember: “tis the season of giving.” Perfect time to give your loved ones a massage and a yoga class. While we’re at it, partner with a juice shop too and add a “New-Year-Cleanse” in the mix.

Partnerships offer two people hustling to grow the businesses. Twice the effort, twice the value, twice the results.

Offer a Bonus for Booking a Session with You Before the Holidays.

People are spending money left and right for Christmas.

Add an extra incentive if they book with you before the holidays.

For example, if you’re a dentist, have them book a routine check up and get a free whitening session if they pre-book before Christmas. “Have pearly whites for your Christmas card.”

If you are doing something like coaching, or a paid webinar, offer an extra ticket to the session. If they buy a ticket or session (for a limited time only, and… psst. you never do this, so they should get on board now!) get one for free to bring a friend.

Now you’ve increased the number of people exposed to your business at no extra cost to you. AND your potential clients will have greater levels of success because they’re taking the journey with a friend (also known as an accountability partner).

Everyone loves a good deal and an extra session can double the value you offer.

Enjoy the 12 ways to crush your business sales and build up your bank account through the holiday season. Use December as an excuse to kick up your game for January!

Enjoy the holidays! And feel free to pin this image 😉

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