G’day A Team,

I got a pretty cool question yesterday from Steve who asked me “What is the perfect giveaway to get people on your list..”

The simple answer is that there isn’t one.

The advice i gave him is to give away as little as possible which if you have ever got any of my giveaways (500 buyers come to mind) seems like a strange answer.

I got it 100% wrong giving away 500 buyers it was too big. At 35 pages it was twice the length of most of my current WSO’s and it gave away too much information.

Why would people need to buy anything if i had already told them everything they needed to know?

Stupid stupid stupid Mark… The alarm bells should have been ringing when I had about 10 people say, “I can’t believe you are giving this away and not charging for it”

Seriously, whats the sense in giving a whole business model upfront?

I should have given away a short outline to the method then provided the Why’s in emails and on the back of that sold the How’s.

If you read my welcome email you’ll have seen that I added a short 2 page guide to 5 types of email you should be sending.

Pop Quiz .. what type is this email? :)

I really believe that this is the type of information you should be giving away, the real value should be in your emails and your promotions and not in what you give away upfront.

The giveaway should just whet the appetite of the subscribers to read more of what you have to offer.

One of the aims of these emails is to help you double your income with email marketing in 30 days … so i assume that you already have a landing page and a list … if not time to get your finger out!

I want you to review what you are giving away to build subscribers.. are you giving away too much information? If you are change it. Give the new subscriber instant gratification with something they can read in 5 minutes.

You may lose 1 or 2 as unsubscribes because you have given them a complete business of solution ..but so what if thats their view they are probably tyre kickers and they would never have bought anyway.

Finally one of our “New Rules” of Email Marketing is to never send an email without a link in it… Never, Never Never

Looking back at what i’ve written It could be a great place to put a link for The Email Marketers Handbook and that’s what I’d expect you to do in your emails (obviously not for EMH!) however I want you to read a short article about email marketing that contains the following paragraph

“It’s no surprise, then, that the value of a customer acquired by email is 12 percentage points above average and the value of a customer acquired by Twitter is 23 percent below average. ”

you can find the article at: http://www.inc.com/jana-kasperkevic/email-sales-crush-social-media.html

Thats it for today

Have a great day tomorrow if you are in the US, if you aren’t have a great day anyway.