Marketing to the right personMarketing – More and more it is going to be finding the right person who is a decision-maker for a company. The bigger the company, the harder this process is.

This is where content marketing comes in. Companies really need to take content marketing very seriously. Everything you read today, says searches are skewed via social media or organic search is going away and companies will need to pay to keep their company name on searches.

In addition, social media can assist you in this process too. I continue to hammer on the topic of Executives and Social Media, but the reality is only a few really do this. Do you want to be different or just like all the rest?

My feeling is, you need more good, quality content over a period of time to see success. This is where blog sites and websites come in. Blog sites are great platforms for writing on a consistent basis. I know many executive-level professionals have made contact with me based on an article I wrote this year as well as 2 or 3 years ago. This is where blog content is most effective.

In addition, website content needs to be updated periodically too. Changing information on a company website helps your site get noticed for more indexes and search terms. In addition, changes on a home page can also bring a freshness to a site.

Back to getting to the right person. Now more than ever, the playing field is becoming blurred. Executives are now realizing they need to continue to learn new technologies at a faster rate if they are going to connect with other professionals. Ideally, the 45 – 55 year old professionals are in a great position because they have experienced the pre and post internet information revolution, so they understand how to best connect with the older and younger generation people.

As stated yesterday, if you continue to work at your personal brand, you will see results and your name will get the attention of some executive, somewhere. Are you in a position, to continue that conversation, make sure you are ready, because you never know when that opportunity will come.

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