So, you want to be successful? That means you’ll need to set a goal.

If you’re honest…you can admit that you are very excited once the goal is set. Initially, you work very diligently to accomplish the goal. Unfortunately, along the way an obstacle occurs and you get thrown off course. Next, fear and doubt ensues and you begin to revert back to negative thinking. You believe that whatever you initially set out accomplish is no longer a viable possibility.

Question for you…

What could cause you to go from being “super hyped” and excited about accomplishing your goals to…“I’m never going to make it happen?”

One simple answer: The Line

You see there is a line that you must “get over” to transition from failure to success.

Actions that you take before you get over the line, will cause you to believe that failure is a possibility. As a result, you will most likely quit and never accomplish the goal.

Conversely, any action that you take after you get over the line, will cause you to believe that success is possible. Because you made it over the line you will do whatever it takes to achieve and maintain your success.

So what’s my point?

There’s a magical, “time frame” for you to hit in order to get over the line.

21 Days

Yes, it’s true, it actually takes 21-days of consistent activity to create a habit. In this instance it’s the habit of success.

If you take a moment and think back to when you have stopped, quit, or given in, 90% of the time you did not meet the time threshold of 21-days. You most likely quit around days 11-14.

So what can you do to get over the line?

  1. Understand “why” you want to accomplish the goal. When you have a “why” you have an 85 percent rate of success.
  2. Develop a detailed plan to get through the first 21-days.
  3. Expect that somewhere in the middle you are going to hit “the wall,” become frustrated and you’ll be ready to quit.
  4. Have a pre-positioned pep talk or motivational process to use when you hit “the wall.” Once you’ve regained your momentum to move past “the wall,” keep going and you’ll get over the line!
  5. On day 22…Celebrate!

The reality is, there’s a thin line between failure and success. This little piece of information is very valuable. It allows you to be strategic and know that success is possible. The best part is, now you know getting over the line takes only 21-days.

21 means get ‘er done!