Getting a job is hard. There are countless websites and books and programs all designed to help people somehow secure employment, and countless more dollars invested daily toward this seemingly ever-increasingly difficult goal.

Ok, I’m actually only speculating about the dollars. As a broke college kid living in New York City, I don’t even have money for groceries, let alone instructional literature. However, I do know that ever since I entered the final stretch of my quest for a business degree I’ve been inundated with job-search related material. It’s actually pretty terrifying to know that I’m expected to have that amount of trouble getting hired, especially since I’ve just spent the last four years ostensibly becoming at least somewhat qualified for gainful employment. I can only imagine what it’s like for people facing more serious challenges to joining (or rejoining) the workforce…Except that I don’t have to imagine, because the Sundance Channel did the legwork for me and developed an entire TV series based around helping people overcome their problems and get back to work.

The first episode of the appropriately named Get To Work airs tonight on the Sundance Channel and I know I’ll be watching–not only because I think Sundance is cool and I won’t rest until I’ve frozen my extremities off at the film festival, but also because it looks interesting and I’m all for picking up tips that might help on the job hunt. After all, there’s a limit to how many Ramen noodles one can consume in a lifetime and I think I’m quickly approaching it. You can check out the Get To Work promo below: