You’ve got a million dollar idea, or you’ve got a passion for something that burns deep in your soul. It’s so strong that you have to share it with the world; but wait. The world doesn’t seem as excited as you are.

Your passion doesn’t always translate across every medium, and it can be surprisingly hard to get people to see value where you see value. Many a good idea has failed because the general public doesn’t get on board with someone’s idea. How can you get people excited about your brand and your product?

Make Everything Clear

As a general rule, the simpler the better when it comes to explaining things to people. People don’t remember soliloquies; they remember catch phrases.

Break down your idea into an elevator pitch, and try it out on a lot of people. Friends, families, strangers in an actual elevator. If you notice that you’re having to explain a lot, you need to break it down further. If people are responding well, your idea is translating.

Make Your Brand Personal To Both You and Them

There are two things I know to be true in this world: everyone responds to stories, and everyone likes talking about themselves.

Share with your audience why you want to start your brand. Why do YOU care? Why are you putting time and effort into this? What’s the effect that your brand has had on your life?

For example, if you’re trying to sell work out clothes you should share your own personal fitness journey. A great idea for marketing is you working out in the clothes. Tell people why you picked the colors that are available. Be open with your audience so that they have a story to connect to.

Then turn it around and involve your audience in your brand. Tell them how getting involved with your product will change their life. By getting your workout clothes in their life, things will improve for them in X, Y and Z ways. Be specific and be clear again on this one.

Be Available

One of the best ways to engage with people is to meet them on their level. People don’t want to have to work for things. (Sad but true.) So go to them. Meet them on the platforms they’re on. Email or call them directly to ask for feedback or to share your story.

Being available to interact with clients, customers and general audience members is critical to sharing your passion. Hearing something from the horse’s mouth (yes, you’re the horse here) is one of the single biggest and best ways to get people to care. You have the chance to single handedly sway them.

Your brand will grow not because just you feel passionately about it. It’ll grow because you get other people to care as well. Get the whole world on your side with these three tips.