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Whether you’re a mid-sized business or a small startup there are important steps to keep in mind that can get your company noticed. Read on and learn how to harness flexibility to your advantage, why knowing your audience is essential and how to find a rhythm that will land your company in the spotlight!

Smaller Business Means Agility

Use the size of a small or mid-sized business to your advantage! Large companies require more process when it comes to decision-making, but as a smaller and growing organization your team can be more flexible and benefit from trial and error marketing strategies.

Smaller companies and startups can also benefit from taking risks with outside-of-the-box approaches. For example, if the majority of companies focus exclusively on the digital realm, try making a statement by reaching out to your customers through traditional mail.

Additionally, being more agile will allow your company to quickly follow trends and relate them back to your business. When the Jamaican Women’s Bobsled team lost their bobsled and became unable to compete in the Winter Games, Red Stripe beer (manufactured in Jamaica) jumped on the trending story and offered to purchase a bobsled for the team.

Being a small or mid-sized company has strengths, such as flexibility, that when used to your advantage can help you get noticed!

Remember Your Business’ Audience

In any business it’s important to remember, not everyone is your audience. Consider what is unique about your customers and create content meaningful to them. Develop a plan to attract the right people to your company rather than hopelessly trying to target all people.

Make sure your content and marketing strategies highlight your business’ mission and provide useful information to your audience. Whenever you send out e-newsletters, blog posts or social media updates, ask if you are adding value to your customers or to your industry as a whole.

Knowing your customer will also help you determine which platforms to set up. While up to 91 percent of Baby Boomers use email and Facebook, fewer than 5% of them will be engaging in Twitter.

Understanding your customer will help you stay focused on your message and empower you to optimize strategies to get your business noticed.

Rhythm is Key for Your Business

It might sound like dancing, but rhythm and authenticity have their place in mid-sized business and smaller startup companies too. Your style is the unique voice of your brand which should be authentic to help it stand out from the crowd. Determine your business’ tone and content in advance and then use it consistently to help your audience start to feel that they know you.

Updating your audience consistently is also important! Your business should have a personality that consumers feel they know and from whom they are excited to get consistent (but not too many) updates. Depending on the type of content, consider creating blog posts and sending e-newsletters at regular intervals. This strategy will help your customers stay up to date and will prompt search engines to take notice too!

Consider planning out your content objectives and posts on a calendar to ensure that your rhythm is maintained over time.

Final Thoughts

Being a small or mid-sized business has its own advantages that can easily be used to get your company noticed. Use your agility to try out-of-the-box approaches or to quickly capitalize on hot trends and events. Always remember to speak directly to your audience and with a memorable voice. And don’t forget to feel the rhythm and send content at regular intervals. Beyond getting noticed, these steps can help you become unforgettable!