In Finally Human, I write about how we’ve seen the evolution of brand behavior gradually shift over the last 100 years from mass-market directives to personal, value-adding communications. With the rise of social media, niche marketing, and the Attention Economy, this trend has accelerated. In the coming years, we will see a greater number of brands adapt more “human” voices and personable styles of communication. But the revolution is still in its infancy.

REAL Social Is Restorative.
Revolutionary Che Guevara said, “The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.” In other words, change can be slow in coming about. If you want to see a change in how our culture communicates, start with yourself, remembering that true social engagement is a restorative practice.

You know you won’t be alone, but you may be the first in your industry, network, or market to start using a restorative, human, and a truly personal style of communication.

The New Frontier of the Communications Landscape
The brands that will win in the future are the ones that grab their share in the Attention Economy now before “human-like” behavior becomes increasingly common. What do I mean by that? Let’s say, for example, you own a lawn care company. Years ago, your lawn care company could be the top lawn care brand on Facebook simply by being there and posting good content. Today, there are already hundreds of brands with good content on Facebook, and the local lawn care company that wants to rise to the top must put in a lot more effort than simply showing up and cranking out good content. They have to cultivate a genuine voice, create valuable content, and act restoratively. Brands who embrace these efforts will win by leading – by being first-responders to changes in the environment. These behaviors are the new frontier of the communications landscape.

As more businesses discover success by practicing the three core behaviors mentioned above, the Attention Economy will tighten once more (i.e. user-attention will be captured by the brands who know how to act like humans, thereby shrinking the supply of ‘attention’ for brands that are late to the game). Currently, “being human” is something of a novelty in brand communications. It isn’t very common and it certainly isn’t expected by consumers. However, it’s only a matter of time before “being human” is the new baseline for successful brand communications.

Start Today.

Don’t wait.

You will not solidify your brand’s voice and communications strategy right out of the gate. These behaviors are learned over time through trial and error. If you wait for your brand’s voice to be perfect before starting, you will never start. So, start now, because…

The future belongs to the humans: the brands who understand their audience, respect their audience, and deliver valuable content with a genuine voice. Don’t wait for that “moment of inspiration.” Just start now.

Read More in Finally Human
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