What is lead nurturing?

Lead nurturing is the process of engaging with your prospects as they enter a buying journey. Lead nurturing campaigns help marketers build relationships with prospects, from their first interaction on social media, to the time they’ve become a frequent return web visitor or customer.

Throughout this buying journey, some brands engage in an automated process to send personalized or relevant content to that prospect at every stage of their buying journey. THAT is what lead nurturing is.

Why is lead nurturing so important?

Engaging with your prospects at every stage of the buying journey will help you make more money. When a business focuses on lead nurturing, they make 50 percent more sales at a 33 percent lower cost.

Setting up some sort of lead nurturing campaign is a no brainer. Here are the fundamentals of a lead nurturing strategy,

Fundamentals of a lead nurturing strategy

Automated Follow-Up Emails

As prospects are filling out contact forms or downloading your white papers, it’s important to have some sort of email follow-up system in place.

Each email follow up sequence should be relevant to the way your prospect provided that email address. For instance, if they downloaded a Marketing Tool EBook, your follow up content should be relevant to whatever was in that E-Book. People don’t want random marketing emails. They want content that is directly related to the solutions they search for.

These automated follow-up emails will bring an immediate change to your conversion rates. Research shows that a campaign with so many as one follow-up converts about 22% more prospects, than the one without any.

For those of you who are unsure about what platforms to use, you can try Mailchimp or Hubspot to create automated follow-up emails.

Re-targeted Ads

Your prospects aren’t always going to opt their email address into a form. However, it is likely that they are going to engage with you on social media and/or visit several pages on your website.

Re-targeting allows you to showcase your ads to anyone who visits your website or engages with you on social media.

To take your retargeting efforts a step further, you can showcase ads to people who have taken specific action, e.g. people who have watched your videos, or people who have liked specific social media posts.

You can use autonomous ad buying tools like Madgicx to automatically re-target your ads based on specific actions. This platform can be used for your Google, Facebook & Instagram ads.

Interactive Assessments–[Identify which leads are real buyers]

You know how discovery sales calls give you a bunch of insights on a customer’s problems or wants? Imagine being able to get those sort of insights on autopilot and at scale. That is the magic interactive assessments can bring into your lead nurturing campaigns.

In an interactive assessment, a prospect answers 10 to 20 questions divided into 3 to 5 targeted categories and then receives a personalized scorecard highlighting where their organization is performing well, where they can be doing better, and recommendations for improvement.

These assessments can be used to provide personalized value at scale to your prospects. For instance, if person X fills out an assessment, they will receive insights that are relevant to their immediate challenges.