rinfoto0 / Pixabay

Every year, I look at our workplace, and I try to find ways to make a difference at work.

Each year the following topics come up:

  • Management needs more training
  • Employees need more training
  • We need to work on better communication
  • How do we improve morale?

A lot of time is spent on these items and most of the time programs are implemented, but over time the knowledge learned is instantly applied, but later it loses its effects. This year, I came to the conclusion that more attention needs to be focused on results more than just training on different topics. Using this approach has helped me focus on what is really important. I could provide training all year long, but how does it impact the ROI of the company. (From my perspective it doesn’t)

Does more training on effective communication in the workplace lead to more sales and better client service? Now think about it differently… If I focus training on better results, I may have to look at ways to improve communication. In this example, my focus is on a result, with communication being one part of it. Training is not the focus.

People want to connect with a company that is a product of new ideas and innovation. To do this, it has to be results oriented. Which company would you rather work for Sears or Apple? Have you walked into a Sears store lately? Do you think morale is down? Would more training on boosting morale make it a better place to work and ultimately would Sears see better results?

Having the right focus has really made a difference in the way I approach our business at Midwest Laboratories. I am seeing fresh ideas being discussed and implemented on a daily basis. It is an exciting place to be. I am looking forward to the future with more excitement than ever as we continue to build on a rich history by continually improving processes and working to meet and ultimately exceed our client’s expectations.

It is an exciting time to be in business.