To paraphrase one of the better-known quotes by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, being competitor-focused means you have to wait until there is a competitor doing something, whereas being customer focused enables you to be a pioneer.

However, leveraging customer feedback to its maximum benefit is not always a simple task. All too often, feedback stays in the hands of management, and the opportunity to truly align the organization along the voice of customer goes missing.

With that in mind, here are five ways that organizations can make full use of their Net Promoter customer feedback.

1.    Create posters of real Promoters and their feedback

Promoter (that is, a respondent who gives a score of 9 or 10 on the 0-10 point Net Promoter scale) feedback is often used to motivate team spirits and single out employees for special recognition. But a comment by itself can only communicate so much.

Some companies have taken an extra step and created glossy posters of selected Promoters using their products in the workplace, accompanied by the customer’s own feedback. This approach puts a name, face, and sense of reality to what your business and employees are working hard to achieve day in, day out.

2.    Install a digital screen with rolling customer comments in your office

Digital signage inside the office that displays real-time rolling customer feedback or other information can spark internal innovation, provide a focal point for collaboration, and get people excited about how the organization is doing. It reinforces the fact that listening to customer feedback is much more than a tick-the-box exercise, and embeds the voice of customer in the workplace culture on a permanent basis.

3.    Allow staff to view feedback customers have given about them

Nothing says transparency like giving staff access to neutral, authoritative information about what they are doing right and what they can do to deliver even better service. Often, feedback can also validate what staff may be saying about products or processes.

Furthermore, as employees in customer-facing roles take customer comments on board, they self-correct their approach to customers based on previous feedback, meaning widespread, incremental improvement across customer interactions on a daily basis.

Note: Due to the fact that there will be some negative feedback, this process does need to be handled carefully. See this post on how to share feedback with staff for more ideas.

4.    Have a Net Promoter champion in each office go out and interview a Promoter and Detractor, and come back and share the experience

Some organizations plan “visit the customer days” strategically. But even if your approach is not quite as methodical, a visit to customers to talk about their experience in person generates wins in two key ways:

  • Visiting Detractors (and Promoters) give the opportunity to raise and resolve any issues face to face and generally strengthens the relationship overall.
  • Sharing these experiences with teams can kick-start conversations around particular issues that can have implications wider than just one individual client relationship.

5.    Publish customer comments on the company website

Through the question at the center of the Net Promoter System “Would you recommend our company to a friend or family member”, referrals lie at the heart of the Net Promoter philosophy.

Sharing select feedback on your website can help organizations unleash their valuable customer testimonials and drive targeted referrals with authentic, outside voices. Just remember that you have the appropriate permissions to do so.

Put your feedback to work

If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is there to hear it, does it really make a sound? The same question could be asked of customer feedback. Embedding this neutral, authoritative voice across the organization has its challenges. But the opportunities that can come from being a customer-focused organization are tremendous. Just ask Amazon.