We are never too perfect or the absolute best at everything NOT to ask for feedback from our clients, stakeholders, or teammates. There is always room for improvement and growth on many different levels. Input from your network can offer guidance for better communications, systems and service. When you are passionate about doing your best and providing unsurpassed products and service, then requesting candid feedback is a must.

We need feedback in order to keep ourselves in alignment and not attempt to dance in tunnel vision.

Don’t think of it as criticism, but an opportunity to discover what is working, what isn’t and where you can make corrections, further develop your processes or enhance your performance. If you aren’t asking for input, then you are losing the chance for change.

“Feedback is the food for champions.”

What you do with it is then up to you. Choosing to only ask and then ignore ensures stagnation, a place to remain the same with closed ears. If you want to elevate you and your business, then you need to be prepared to listen, evaluate and take action.

Feedback is a tool to identify strengths, weaknesses, isolate problems, boost execution and improve your operations.

Consider Feedback as a SHARP tool

Specific: when asking for feedback, make sure you request details on what is working and what isn’t. Where did you fail or hit the mark.

Honest: feedback should be nothing but brutal honesty or it is pointless

Actionable: consider each sentiment and statement. Think deeply and take it to heart. What action steps can you implement?

Recovery: know that these learning cues are meant to be authentic, valuable tools, rich with insight to make amends, re-evaluate and upgrade

Progress: feedback allows you the greatest opportunity to instigate change for forward movement. You should feel empowered, like an endorphin rush, with such SHARP information.

Embracing feedback as a gift to you and your business. It reflects your professionalism, your dedication to correcting things and demonstrates your desire for exemplary customer service. Follow up on concerns and implement action, letting your responders know you are committed to change and improvement based upon their helpful feedback.

Leverage feedback to deliver value and exceed expectations.