Business Development photo from ShutterstockTypically, during the last two weeks of December business slows down a bit for entrepreneurs. The inflow of email will decline as will client appointments. Take advantage of everyone else being in the holiday frame of mind. This gives you added time to focus on your wish list as well as hand you a head-start for the New Year.

A great place to begin is to download apps to your phone for LinkedIn and Twitter. While waiting in line at the store, you are able to make new connections with new interesting people. Instead of losing time, Your bonus will be time-efficiency.

The following Laser Goal Setting system will fast track your business development moving forward:

Looking back to the beginning of 2013, what was tried but did not perform well, and what were the lessons learned?

Continuing your review, which projects worked best? Are you able to enhance them to reach wider audiences or duplicate the methodology for new projects moving forward? The wider variety of products and services offered will exponentially grow audiences. Begin with the idea exciting you the most.

Now look far into the future to discover how you wish your business to ultimately appear. What will be your legacy in having served others? Once this is clear, write out a mission statement regarding how you serve your clientele. Your statement will be indicative of your personal brand meant to encourage others to purchase from you.

Now envision a project that you believe will take 12-15 months to complete, and one that will substantially boost business. Although self-education may be required but you believe the effort to be well-worthwhile.

Implementing these and the steps below, you will save 1-2 hours per day and easily complete the longer-term vision within 12 months:

  • Working backwards, create two quarterly projects that will get you half-way to goal. Develop monthly projects to complete the quarterly projects on time. At the end of each working week, list “have to” complete weekly projects. At the end of each working day, create a running task list for the following day. Doing so will eliminate “forgetting” and much wasted time.
  • As you begin to work on your weekly projects, begin with the one offering the best return on investment and directly relating to your long-term vision. Two of your daily tasks should relate to your 12-month stretch goal. Consider these as your daily business vitamins.
  • Every six months hold a meeting with yourself and employees. Reviewing all you did, discard those venues that did not produce. Substitute a new project with an improved anticipated outcome. And every six months reset your twelve-month stretch goal.

Following the above system will efficiently systematize your business and allow you to continue being the CEO of your company vs. just the admin answering email. This is a particularly crucial point to adhere to for those newer to entrepreneurship.

Finally, take time to recognize your accomplishments and how far you have come. This is the motivating force that will have you continually persevering to reach new heights and enjoy the Smooth Sale!