niche researchI am doing a bit of grave digging today. I wrote this article almost exactly 3 years ago and the information still holds true but now it’s even easier.

People think that Ezine Articles is dead and there is no value in posting articles there, they are wrong there is still life in the old beast yet. However what is equally important now is to look at what social media the niche leaders are using and how they are getting links and building a buzz.

When you are doing fast niche research you need to target 3 areas, Keywords, Traffic and Monetization

What keywords are the niche leaders targeting?

Where are they getting traffic from and how is that traffic being generated?

What monetization are they using?

I very rarely do any traditional keyword research anymore, in fact one of my best performing sites at the moment which earns $250 with Adsense and about $400 on Clickbank each month was researched by looking at the stats of sites selling on flippa! You really can’t beat actual analytics and earnings stats as a resource source.

On With The Original Article….

If you want to reduce the amount of time it takes to find a profitable niche you could do no worse than to take a look at the example set by big business.

Have you ever noticed that when a new Wal Mart opens up in a new area they are quickly followed by smaller stores. or when McDonalds opens up soon after you’ll find a new Wendy’s close by. When Starbucks open up what happens? Smaller coffee stores spring up in the area. Why do you think this is?

The market leaders spend a lot of time and money on researching new locations. Do the smaller stores do the same research? Of course not they just follow along behind the big guys , why spend money on research when Maccy D’s have already done it for you.

It’s the same in internet marketing if you want a short cut to a niche then look at what the big guys are doing. The ideal place to do this is at article sites like Ezinearticles and Articlebase. The first thing you need to do is to identify the big guys in each niche.

You’ll notice the 2 key words in that sentence are “each niche” If you look at the guys who have published most articles overall you’ll find a lot of information but it won’t actually help you too much in most cases. However if you go into each niche you can follow a link find out who are the top writers with the most articles in that niche.

I tend to look at the guys lower down the list rather than the top ones this is mainly because I’ve found they will be targeting different niches where as the top one will be targeting a single niche. It’s these multiple niche models that appeal to me more.

The expensive PPC analysis software that is being promoted at the moment works by assuming that if someone spends money on PPC ads for a long time then the ads are profitable. We will assume the same …

…If someone spends the time and money to write over 50 articles in a niche then it’s profitable for them. You then just need to look at their business model and improve it. Improving on most article marketing is suprisingly easy as most article marketers make simple mistakes, I looked at over 100 articles researching this blog post and I estimate over 75% of them could have been improved in one way or another.

The first thingI’ll say have re read that article is that I am glad that my writing style has improved since then.

5 minutes ago I went to Ezinearticles and picked a random niche , I looked at the first article I came to and checked out the author’s profile.

Now look at that entry at the bottom, “Niches”

Click on that and you get the following

You can see how many niches the autor has written about and how many articles in that Niche.. drill down and you’ll get the articles and the sites he (or she) links to.

I found that they use adsense and a CPA network on one of the sites.

Finally I went to Blekko and found all their incoming links . Rated by “host rank” all I need to do is put a plan in place to get higher quality links and we should be able to out rank them.

I’ll do a full post on blekko very soon, and show you how I am using it to increase my income. It may be an exclusive subscriber post so make sure you subscribe below. You’ll never miss a blog post and you’ll receive access to exclusive blog posts.