How often, as a consumer of real-life goods and services, are you motivated to buy some music, make a tee time, or transfer funds to your children (my unfortunate favorite), but decide to wait on the transaction until you are sitting in front of a desktop or laptop PC, comforted by wireless connectivity? Chances are this occurs far less frequently on a steady curve to zero, because everything has gone mobile, and our instant-gratification, on-demand culture will tolerate nothing less.

Why then do the worst-performing sales leaders still expect their reps to populate the CRM with clunky, non-native interfaces; to develop proposals with 20th century tools ill-fitted to any screen smaller than 15”; to “update the forecast by end-of-week, or else;” to have to get back to their customer after checking inventory later in the day; and essentially to bear the burden of being the poor schlub salesperson who is more handicapped by their sales operations team and technology, rather than enabled to quickly compete and seal the deal?

On the other hand, take a look at how Best-in-Class companies from Aberdeen’s research are winning more deals, faster, and with stronger margins:

If you ask James Tom, Senior Director, Sales Strategy for AutoTrader, the value proposition for any sales organization not entirely focused on inside sales is this: “In the field, time is money. “ Amen to this simple but mission statement-worthy mantra every sales leader should adopt, and which data published in Deal Management Mobilized: How the Best-in-Class Close the Sale Anywhere, Anytime, with Any Device heartily validates. Every item in the chart above speaks to the requisite efficiencies that our remote and field sellers must have in place, if they are to compete in today’s hyperactive, hidden sales cycle-dominated marketplace.

A lot of this value proposition comes down to the well-worn “consume versus create” concept around content generation and distribution, that has so effectively been monetized by countless social media properties. In the context of sales operations, a number of must-have support vehicles are essential for your sellers. Read about them here.