Not A Fan of Webinars? Here Are The Perks You’ve Already Lost

There are countless reasons why it just makes sense to include webinars as part of your marketing strategy. There are the obvious reasons – industry statistics and other measurable data. And then there are also indirect benefits, which are more often taken for granted.

Let’s start with the stats. You could probably do some research yourself for you to find out how webinars rock, but here’s a snippet of them anyway:

In 2012, a joint study on B2B content marketing was conducted by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs to determine which of the various content strategies do marketers believe are most effective. Then, they did the same study this year to identify progressive patterns. Here are some of their findings:

  • On average, B2B marketers use 8 various content marketing tactics at a time.
  • The most effective according to marketers? In-person events. By a small margin, webinars come in second.
  • 70% of the respondents think webinars do the job
  • Same is true for the 2013 version of the study, with its score actually increasing by 25%

But then, what really makes webinars a valuable tool goes beyond these numbers. If you don’t like webinars, you’ve given up these benefits:

The chance to give and take. It is the nature of webinars to teach first and foremost. But in that privilege of imparting knowledge, marketers also learn something from the “students”, especially if the webinar atmosphere is open and communicative. Teachers can also learn from students.

The chance to gain genuine interest. Webinars can put a distinction between audiences who are truly interested and those who just want to get things over with. During the event, marketers are given the chance to promote. After the event, marketers will have an inventory of potential prospects.

The chance to be an expert. A perfectly-executed webinar can build a reputation of authority in a matter of hours. Not only that they will look at you as an expert, they will also treat your company with the same level of high regard.

The chance to re-create. The conclusion of a webinar is not the end of the marketing process. Recorded events can be uploaded to blogs or video-hosting sites for those who weren’t able to participate. The webinar could also give birth to further discussions and topics for articles, better yet, when people decide to share your webinar video themselves.

The chance for self-improvement. Being regarded as an authority will only encourage you to produce more events and content more effectively, using the experience and knowledge you’ve gained from past webinars.

This content originally appeared at Callbox Blog.