why you failed at positive affirmations

The other day someone left a blog comment and said:

“I can’t seem to make positive affirmations work for me… maybe I’m doing something wrong? How do you use them?I’ve tried focusing on just 5 affirmations based on my goals but I just feel like I’m wasting five minutes of my day!”

I completely get your frustration. When I first started using positive affirmations, I felt like I was wasting 5 minutes a day too. If you feel like this, if you feel like you failed at positive affirmations, then stop using them and watch this video.

Here are the two reasons why you failed at positive affirmations and the secret to success.

You had no emotion and no power.

The key to positive affirmations isn’t the words we use. It is how they make you feel that matters. The feelings you have when doing any action create your results more than the actions you take.

If every day you are saying “I am broke, I am stuck, I am fed up, I am a failure” and you BELIEVE it more than anything else. You will always be broke, stuck, f-ed up, and a failure—even if you chant positive affirmations in the morning.

You MUST believe your affirmations and prove it with your feelings.

“Those who say they can and those who say they can’t are both usually right”

– Confucius

If every time you say your positive affirmations and the little voice inside your head says something like “no it won’t, you’re wasting your time,” you are sabotaging your success.

I know you have heard this before, and I understand. When I started I said “How am I supposed to feel this way if I don’t right now?” The answer is simple… and you are going to hate me for making it sound so easy.

Lie to yourself!

Let me put it to you this way. YOU ARE ALREADY LYING TO YOURSELF. When you say ANY thought or belief that is limiting—you are lying to yourself.

This is not an attempt to be all motivational speaker-ish on you. This is a f#$&ing wake up call. There are people who are worse off than you. There are people who have to overcome bigger challenges. With all due respect, shut up and stop your belly aching.

Every day you are alive is another day you get to fight.

And I do mean fight! Nothing in this world, that is truly worth it will ever come easy. This is not a limiting thought. This is a call to take action and go achieve your desires.

Start lying to yourself in a way that serves you. Feel what it’s like AS IF it is already true. What would it FEEL LIKE if you are already successful? What would it feel like if you are already skinny, famous, or whatever you desire?

FEEL IT! Take a moment to imagine, and feel the tears of happiness roll down your cheek.

After you feel what it’s like, and I mean really feel it! HOLD THAT FEELING, the longer you hold that feeling the stronger it becomes.

Imagine manifesting with positive affirmations is like working out. When you first lift weights, you don’t start with the 500lb weights. You start with the 5lbs, then the 10, then the 15.

Holding that feeling for 2 seconds, then 5 seconds, then 10 seconds, then 17 seconds. Just keep building every single day. Your ability to hold positive feelings is a muscle like anything else.

Here’s what happens at 17 seconds, according to Abraham-Hicks. At 17 seconds of PURE thought and feeling, the feeling attracts another thought and feeling of the same shape, size and vibrational frequency. They combine together and combust into an EVEN MORE POWERFUL FEELING.
It’s like nuclear fusion for manifesting. Hold a thought, and hold that feeling for 17 seconds. Then another 17 seconds.

The more you work out that muscle, the more you can HOLD that thought and feeling as pure form without any other contradictory thought feeling or belief. Then you will create that feeling.

Consume better content.

Consume content that propels you forward, that inspires you, that leaves you with an impression of increase. The beliefs you have running through your head are like pathways dug in dirt 15 feet deep. When it rains, the water flows down those deep pathways with ease.

If you wish to change the way the water flows you have to dig a new pathway. A deeper and wider pathway, in essence a deeper and wider belief system.

The things you listen to, you read, and you do create your neural pathways. Stop giving attention to the thought forms and frequencies that aren’t working for you. Stop listening to the news, it is full of fear mongering, stop watching Netflix.

Only consume positive content.

Your brain needs food and consumes, just like your stomach. The more positive, uplifting content you consume mentally, the stronger your positive thought waves will become.

Listen to motivational videos. Listen to the people doing what you desire. Listen to the people who inspire you.

You wouldn’t eat cheesecake and donuts to get in shape.

So stop consuming the brain’s equivalent, and expecting overnight success.

Every day, watch 2 hours of motivational videos. When you are working, listen to motivational videos, throughout the day. I do, and it does wonders for my motivation and productivity.

Everything in the world is energy.

Emotions are a chemical reaction in your brain, you can create those chemical reactions with the right energy. Listening to fun upbeat song, and you will start feeling upbeat. Listen to a sad song, and more than likely you will become sad.

Listening to someone’s sob story will make you feel sad. Listening to motivational speakers will motivate you, inspire you, make you ready to take on the world.

Bring your energy to a higher level every day.

If every day you dig a new pathway, then eventually a new result will happen. It is a universal law of cause and effect.

As I write this, I have come up with one underlying principle of why you positive affirmations are not working.

That principle, is simply you don’t want it BAD enough. Sure, you “wish” to be skinnier, happier, more successful, etc.

But what are you willing TO DO to achieve it? Are you willing to change your beliefs, habits, and everything else to achieve your desires?

If the answer is yes, you would go out and do it. So, get on out there and do it!

Here is my challenge to you. Tell the world yes, tell the world exactly what you are willing to change. Leave a comment with your new belief system that you are now making a MUST.