Job Search Monday – You have just finished the final interview with a COO of a company you’ve targeted in your job search. Over the course of numerous conversations, you’ve built an excellent relationship with this COO. The budget for your position is already allocated and the only thing standing between you and an offer is a perfunctory conversation with the CEO, which is scheduled for the following day.

Tuesday – Once you’ve knocked out the call with the CEO, you’re walking on air (or sunshine, if you prefer). The uncertainty and doubt of navigating through a tenuous job market are beginning to melt away. You won’t have to cash out the IRA and you might even be able to start contributing to the kid’s college funds again. You are poised to see the benefits of keeping your job search motivation levels high.

Wednesday – You drop the kids off at school and return home to see a missed call from the COO but no message. It makes sense, though. Who would make a job offer via voicemail, right? You wait. The COO calls back – you struggle to let the phone ring at least twice before answering.

“Hi! Yes. Oh,ok… Hmm. I see. Yes, well of course  – I certainly thought I was a good fit. Was there any more specific feedback? Hmm. Ok – well thank you.”

Wow. You didn’t get the job. You were rounding third and heading home and something about you (or your experience) just did not click with the CEO. Now what?

Thursday, Friday and every day after – You didn’t get a job you thought you essentially already had. It happens. And losing a job you were inches away from can certainly send your job search motivation into a downward spiral. Don’t let that happen. In fact, you now need to double down your job search efforts and amp up your job search motivation.

Everyone has a bad day. It’s your plan for what you do after your bad day that matters. Will you want to sulk? Yes. Will you want to bury your head under the covers? Yes. Will you want to have a glass of fine wine or designer beer? Yes (and, well, you probably should).

Don’t give up. I repeat. Don’t give up. Not for yourself, your kids, your significant other, or anyone in between. You have something of value, something to offer – you just need to align yourself with the right organization, the right start-up, the right team.

If you want to keep your job search motivation primed, here are five things to consider doing the day after you’ve lost a job offer, not made the final cut, or generally had a bad day.

  1. Get up at 5:00 a.m. – make some coffee, take a walk, watch the news – be up and ready to attack the day before everyone else is.
  2. Dress Up – even if you’re just walking downstairs, put on some well pressed khakis or a snappy dress (or dress pants); your job search is the hardest and most important job you will ever have – look the part.
  3. Work the Phone – call 10 people in your network – stop emailing. Get your voice in people’s heads
  4. Blog – write about the expertise you have. Opine on the current hot topics in your industry. Highlight your value through your writing and be published globally.
  5. Get Support – from Indeed, Dice, TheLadders, and of course LinkedIn. The Internet is here to help – capitalize on its efficiency.
What are you doing to find you next great job? If you’ve found success, don’t hesitate to share your tips.