Create a story on how your product or service was used in a powerful way.

I wanted to share with you a powerful technique that you can employ in your business that draws emotionality and creates connections with your target market.

This strategy is to showcase your product or service by telling a story how someone has used or employed it in a unique way.

You can tell a story on how this has changed their life or business. How your product or service plays into their daily life or as allows them to have a great business opportunity.

An awesome example of this comes from Evernote. A program that I use daily to keep my thoughts, visits to websites, and all types of information in one place. What does it do?

Evernote: Use Evernote to save your ideas, things you see, and things you like. Then find them all on any computer or device you use. For free.

In a post Evernote showcases Patrick Jones and how Evernote helps him living with a traumatic brain injury. It’s worth a read for not only for this example but as an inspiring story.

What Do They Do Right?

First notice how they showcase Patrick and what he does or overomces in 95% of the story. It’s not about you, it’s about how your product or service plays into someone’s life or business. Their product enables a fuller life.

This story includes a beginning, middle, and end. That’s key, you know how he got there. You see his challenges. Then how he overcomes those and how it ends up. Throughout this story one of the major supporting actors is Evernote but does a great job of not taking the spotlight. You would want to do the same with any story you tell.

This post also educates throughout and has what I believe the all important awe factor. That has the potential to drive content that get’s shared and commented on.

I also commend the company for donating premium accounts to Deacon Patricks Mind Your Co-op.

If you read some of the comments you see additional stories and people that have unique stories of how the Evernote has really been integrated into their lives. Very powerful and engaging stuff.

What Can You Learn

Note: I should mention whenever you dissect something like this you run the risk of portraying that all the above was an intentional thought out process. Usually it isn’t, it’s just the nature of great company and great staff but I believe this is something that provides a great learning opportunity.

Think about your product or service and how it has made changes to people or businesses that employ or use what you do.

Also care. It’s apparent when you read the above post that it is not really about the company. While indirectly you could say it is– the post is great story of how a man has overcome a challenge with the use of ingenuity and a great tool.

Then work with the person or organization to learn more and put this into a story. Remember a good story has a main character, supporting characters (your product or service) and three parts, beginning, middle, and end.

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