As an entrepreneur, YOUR success lies on YOUR shoulders. From conception to connection, production to profits, and leveraging to leading, it is up to you to make the dream happen. But the one clear distinguisher in a business’ ability to excel is the culture in which it lives.

Culture trumps all other essentials of business. It is the foundation to which a company is built. If the culture is weak, then the dream will fail. But if it is solid and skillfully implemented, then the sky is the limit in how far you can build your business…your dream.

Intentional Culture

I have worked for various businesses over my career. The mix ranges from startups all the way to a fortune 50 company. Through my years of working in these establishments, I have seen first hand how a positive and focused culture equates to tremendous success. I have also experienced how an owner can single handedly beat the passion out of an entire company and drive it into the dirt.

It was sad to watch.

You see, the culture comes from the creator. It is crafted by your actions and by your leadership. Because of this, you must be fully aware of your actions and attributes as they are active ingredients for building your company’s culture.

So, if your default attitude is one that is bent towards the negative spectrum of the scale, then you will have to be highly intentional every day that you do not poison the pot. This can be accomplished from personal assessments and purposeful practice.

An EPIC Culture

To share, I have included below a very high level overview of the culture I am intentional about creating for my company, Grow Today, LLC. It is what I strive for daily and am conscious of implementing in all my engagements.

“No company, small or large, can win over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it.” – Jack Welch

To make it simple, I only focus on four major areas and have crafted them into the acronym, E.P.I.C. This not only makes it easy to remember but also the very word sparks curiosity and excitement. The letters stand for:

  • Energizing: An energetic team is an impactful team. Build a dynamic that ignites a fire in them and constantly motivates them to run their race.
  • Passionate: A passionate team is a productive team. When they are passionate, they will dial into the vision and be self-driven to make it happen. If the team lacks passion, you lack advancement.
  • Informed: Always, always, always invest in your team’s development and even your own. Implement programs that encourages them to learn and grow. Give them reason to expand their knowledge and they will be grateful. Doing so, you show them that you care which in-turn creates one of the strongest bonds that can be produced in a professional environment.
  • Courageous: To succeed you must advance. To advance you must take daring steps. To take daring steps you must have courage. Being so, I focus on not being afraid to fail but being sure that if I do, I fail forward. Courage is not being without fear but having fear and doing it anyway. And because I am courageous, so will my team be courageous as well.

Create Your Culture For Success

A company’s culture is created whether or not you put forth the effort. You must be intentional in its creation or it will evolve to contain even the worst parts of you and your team.

If you neglect or even give shallow thoughts about the culture of your company, you will build a business on a foundation that is sure to crack and crumble.

So take time to reflect on how you want your business to be seen by your team, by the market, and by the customers. From there get busy and be intentional in establishing a culture for success.

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