You’ve heard the saying “a happy employee is a productive one,” but what exactly is a happy employee? It isn’t always easy to keep employees focused and motivated, but one of the key aspects of employee satisfaction is to keep them informed.

An easy way to spread important information is through an internal employee newsletter. And we’re not just talking about celebrating employee birthdays and announcing holiday parties. An internal newsletter is a great tool for keeping employees in the loop about company activities, updated policies, and products and services.

When done right, it can strengthen company messaging and establish a sense of family among your employees. You want to create content that your employees will engage with and look forward to reading.

Here’s what you should consider when crafting an internal newsletter:

1. Think about your audience

Everything in your newsletter should be about employees and what they care about. It’s not about you; it’s about them. From product launches to informative articles about new hires, the content should focus on what the employees need and want to know.

For example, you could include an “employee spotlight” section that welcomes new employees and recognizes any promotions. You could also feature an employee’s life outside of work to foster more personal connections among co-workers.

2. Know your purpose

The point of your newsletter should be to inform, not to preach. Keep the tone lighthearted, positive, and conversational. The point is to educate and entertain. Write in plain English and leave the jargon for sales meetings and press releases.

Well-written, informative articles will be an added benefit, reminding your employees of the quality products or services you provide. It should make them feel inspired to be a part of the team.

3. Keep it short and sweet

There are two reasons to make sure your newsletters cut straight to the point:

  1. You don’t want to distract your employees from being productive.
  2. You don’t want to bore them with lengthy, irrelevant articles.

If the newsletter is too long, no one will read it. Your employees are busy and have work to do, so their attention may be divided. Populating the newsletter with snackable, concise articles will be your best bet.

4. Be consistent

From one newsletter to the next, both the design and content should be consistent. Just like a real newspaper, everyone will have their favorite section and be able to flip right to it.

Now we want to hear from you. What internal newsletter success tips do you have to add?