With Christmas around the corner and holiday parties happening every week, it’s hard to go back to the daily grind and be productive. As much as we all want to celebrate, we still have deadlines to beat and reports to finish before we say goodbye to 2016. If you’re struggling to go to work this holiday season, here are some productivity tips to help you get on your feet!

Set small attainable goals daily

No matter how big the scope your year-end project is, break it down into small, doable parts and aim to finish them daily. If you’re an employer, reward your employees for delivering their tasks early or on time! This will also motivate others to be productive and beat the holiday blues.

File your leaves

Make your long break your motivation to finish what you need to do! You can make a mini countdown on your desk that says something like “_____ days before holiday hurray!” When you’re looking forward to something, you are more driven to finish what you’re doing.

Keep your mobile phone somewhere unreachable

According to a study done by Kaspersky Lab, employees without their smartphones are 26% more productive. If you really want to get things done, stay away from your smartphone during work hours. Put those holiday greetings on hold until lunch break. Social media can wait but your boss most likely can’t!

New goals for the New Year

Don’t wait for January to roll in to set new goals. Plan as early as now on the things you want to achieve next year. If you’re a manager, meet with your team and give them a vision for 2017. Get them pumped up with your plans and help them develop personal goals! This will fuel them to keep moving despite the lazy holiday season.

Celebrate achievements

Encourage each other by sharing your achievements! Create a board where everyone can share their personal and team successes. It could be something as simple as “I didn’t come to work late for 3 straight months!” or as grand as “We hit our sales target for the month of September!” If you’re the CEO or business owner, make sure you write there, too! Imagine getting multiple inspirations from everyone. It will not only be a great productivity booster for the entire organization but also add to the holiday festivities!

Close the year with a bang by keeping the energy high in your workplace. Make sure you have your goals, incentives, and motivation boosters in place to sustain your productivity. You know the drill. Work hard, play hard!