Do you know what one of the most underutilized resources is that already exists in your company? If you’re following our blog, it’s likely you’ve heard us speak to the importance of making data-driven business decisions. If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times, which is why it’s shocking to us that so many companies still operate within the confines of departmental silos. The only way to truly unleash the potential behind big data and transform your business is to break down the silos and start SHARING data internally.

A recent survey from MarketingSherpa found that two-thirds of marketers worldwide recognize acting on data to improve marketing performance as an important objective for marketing analytics, but what is really astonishing is that only 27% recognize the importance of integrating disparate systems and siloed data.

If you’re in the marketing department and only acting on data from within your department, you’re missing the boat. When you’re able to pair multiple data sources, you can begin to see the big picture of how all facets of your business work together–which lends itself to better measurement of your investment dollars and allows you to calculate true ROI. What are you waiting for? Watch this short Learn with Levelwing video to find out how to aggregate all your disparate data sources.