Here we are at the beginning of 2016, and everyone is making resolutions they have no intention of keeping. Don’t be that guy. Instead, take some time to do an honest self-evaluation. You may have some lingering personality flaws or bad habits that are artificially limiting your business potential.

Understand, if you want to eliminate these flaws, it will be a tough road. Some of them will be habits, and all of them will seem as comfortable as your favorite underwear. But if you are willing to do the work, you can finish this month with more potential and a higher personal business success ceiling than you ever had before.

Stop making excuses. Completely. First, no one wants to hear it. If you are in charge, be in charge. Accept the responsibility, not just for the problem, but for the resolution of that problem. Sometimes that resolution will force you to delegate. Other times, you will have to do the work yourself. Either way, you can’t get to that step if you are still worried about placing blame. Shoulder the load and move on, leader. That’s on you.

Stop pretending to know everything. No one really expects you to have all the answers. That’s your ego talking, and your ego is often a bloviating idiot. Don’t listen to that guy. If you legitimately don’t know, find out. But stop pretending you have all the answers. Here’s why: when you pretend to know, and someone trusts you, only to find out you really didn’t know, then you have lost their trust. Do that enough, and word will get around. Everyone will simply stop asking you for help. Conversely, if you don’t know, say so, and then find out the real answer, the person who asked will learn you are committed to excellence and accuracy. They will remember that forever.

Don’t demand more of others than you are willing to give. Do you expect your people to work overtime, to miss out on family functions and give the proverbial 110 percent? Then you better be there to set the pace. This is one area in which a good manager never tried to lead from behind.

Stop believing the world owes you anything. It doesn’t. If you want it. Earn it. Full stop.

Stop denigrating ideas just because it’s not your way or your preferred plan. Remember, you don’t know it all and – gasp – you can be wrong. Listen to ideas with a fresh ear and an open mind. Test them fairly, not just through your “my way or the highway” filter. If you are willing to hear – really hear – your people, they will really be willing to share, and everyone will be better off.