Agencies and consultants are continuously pitching to sustain a healthy pipeline of new business. What defines the success of an agency is not only its talent and quality of work, but how the organization presents itself to a client. Thanks to successful pitching tactics, Interaktiva Digital Marketing, a full-service online marketing firm based in Miami, has grown three-fold in the past six months.

Eight successful pitching tips to win new clients:

1. Understand your client’s objectives. To better understand a client’s objectives, don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions in your initial conversations. Once you are aligned with your client’s needs, it is much easier to stay on track when developing your pitch, strategy and tactics.

2. Do your research. Research campaigns and tactics that the brand and its competitors have created in the past – you don’t want to replicate the same idea! Presenting a concept that has already been implemented happens more often
than you might think – do your homework.

3. Think outside the box. Meet with your creative team somewhere outside of your office and away from the daily noise. No cell phones or laptops – just you, the creative minds and a white board. Write down whatever comes to mind. When the creative “blackout” comes and you feel you are out of ideas…don’t give up, this is often when the best concept are created.

4. Start big, then dive into the details. With your client’s objective in mind, start with the “big” idea first, and then devise your strategy and tactics. These are all separate steps that will show your customer how your concept will come to fruition – don’t blend them together.

5. Integrate your ideas. The best campaigns are tightly integrated to reach end users across multiple platforms. When creating your tactics, make sure they support and connect to each other. One of our favorite examples is Nike’s “Catch The Flash” campaign, a fully integrated product experience, using real people and online components to showcase Nike’s new reflective running jackets.

6. Wow the client with your presentation deck. The presentation deck is one of the most important elements to win over the client. Start with slides that convey basic and easy to understand concepts to engage your audience, and reaffirm that you understand their needs and objectives. Then wow them with your creative ideas on how to reach their objectives by using strong visuals, short copy and video to prove your main points.

7. Present by sharing stories. To best convey your message, present your ideas as if you were sharing a story with a friend. Most of the time (not always!) clients are not creative types, so you need to create analogies to make your points easily understood. An example is How to Start a Movement by Derek Sivers. With creative footage, Silvers shows how to create a movement, such as a social media effort.

8. Put your best foot forward. Look professional, confident, relaxed and competent. Get a good night sleep the night before the presentation so your mind is clear and sharp. And most importantly, have fun with the presentation – if you enjoy what you are presenting, so will your audience.

About the Author:

David Uribe is VP, Creative Director of Interaktiva Digital Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency that offers strategic, creative digital marketing solutions for business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies, and traditional advertising and PR firms. Prior to joining Interaktiva, Uribe led Universal McCann’s digital marketing campaigns for SABMiller Latin America. As Digital Creative Director at Zubi Advertising he created digital marketing campaigns for Ford Motor Company, SC Johnson and American Airlines. In previous positions, he managed award-winning campaigns for Johnson & Johnson and headed the online marketing efforts for Coca-Cola and Sony Ericsson. Uribe holds a bachelor’s degree in Science in Advertising from Jorge Tadeo Lozano’s University in Bogota, Colombia, where he also taught. He is a frequent speaker on digital marketing and social media at top companies and conferences in
the U.S. and Colombia. He is currently teaching social media at the Miami Ad School, known as the world’s most awarded advertising school. He can be reached via email at [email protected]