If you don’t stay on top of your prospects, there is no easy entry into new accounts. Manage your deals and prospects by using a cloud-based CRM and sales tracking app, like Base, on your tablet, computer, and smart phone.

Should you have the need to meet with clients face to face as well as develop new accounts, you will want to seriously consider my secret for getting past the gatekeepers and canned objections to obtain easy entry.

The strategy is so simple that most professional salespeople never pay attention to the idea.

Typically the most common objection you will hear upon your request for a meeting is:

“Sorry I’m swamped and just don’t have the time to meet.”

Most likely, it is a true statement. The polite thing to do is to agree with their objection saying that you understand. BUT, step #2 is to change their thinking to a positive note.

Let’s first consider contacting employees below C-level. Almost every swamped employee dreams about taking a short break and one that may be justified to their boss. Consider this:

Have you ever known anyone to turn down free coffee or food?

Most likely, your response is “no”!

The next time you hear, “I’m too busy”, from an employee, suggest they spend their 10-minute coffee break with you. Suggest it will give them an opportunity to put a face with a name well ahead of the time they have a need for a service such as yours. This provides the needed justification. Follow up immediately with your offer to bring in coffee and ask how they like it prepared. At the very least, you will have made a new friend!

Now, you are probably wondering:

How this could possibly work for the C-level executives?

It won’t, I have to be honest.

Given you are going up the chain of command, you have to “up the offer”. In this case, ask the executive if you may treat them to lunch.

Most often you will hear the same objection of “no time” BUT you will hear appreciation in the other person’s voice. This is when you follow up with the idea of bringing in lunch to their office with the added implication that they will save much time by doing this versus going out. Then provide the justification of meeting you in person well ahead of a need arising.

Now be the perfect host by asking what type of food they prefer for lunch to be followed by asking what time would they like lunch served!

In my 11-year sales career, I never once had an offer of coffee or lunch turned down.

You begin to build a long-term relationship with your client. You build not only a business-based relationship but you also put it on a friendly note making it very difficult for competitors to get their foot in the door. Equally important, this is the gateway to building a returning and referring clientele.

The year-end holiday season is upon us but this next strategy works for holidays throughout the year.

My only disclaimer is the following steps were implemented prior to 911. If you are working in a major city such as New York, avoid the heavily guarded buildings. This is more for companies located in suburban territories that you wish to reach.

Purchase a large bag of miniature candy bars. Each holiday visit the companies in your territory or the ones with which you most desire to do business. Bring just a few into each establishment. Wish the doorman, receptionist and anyone else who might help you, a happy holiday and with a big smile hand them one candy bar.

Simply state, “I’m wondering if you can help me.” Then ask for the name of the person(s) responsible for making the decision for your type of service. Once again, you will be amazed by the response and information you will receive.

In summary, the act of generosity brings about the Smooth Sale!