The year is coming to an end. What are you going to do to earn more business in 2014?

What can you do today to make yourself more profitable next year?


Reach out to every customer you did business with this year and thank them in a meaningful way. Oh, by the way, meaningful doesn’t mean hiring a third party company to send them a holiday card.

As business owners, we are always hustling to acquire more customers and neglect the customers we already have. We’ve all heard the saying “don’t take what you have for granted” we should apply the same belief within our businesses.

This month, pick up the phone and genuinely thank your customers for trusting you this year. Don’t outsource this task, ignore what all the efficiency pundits say, you need to do this yourself as a business owner.

Simply say, “Thank you for doing business with me this year…” or “Thank you for trusting me to…” Keep it simple and straight forward. If you have this information available, let them know how many times they used you this year or the amount of referrals they sent you. This works incredibly well because it flatters the customer.

Subtly reaffirm, “I would love your continued support in 2014.”

Then ask, “How can I help you in 2014?” and mean it!

That’s it. All of my clients are reducing their traditional marketing expenses in 2014 and increasing the amount of time they listen and engage their customers. I expect to see dramatic growth within their businesses.

How are you going to double your business next year by doing this? Do everything you can to influence your current customers to refer one or two family and friends to your business.

Tip: Want to really knock it out of the park? If you have employees, include them too. Film a short video with your entire team and send a personalized message to your customer.

Question: What are you doing to thank your customers that is costing you too much money? Can you still receive the same value, or more, by simply picking up the phone?