Do you have a list of clientele that you need to send holiday messages to? Well, make sure that you avoid any faux pas that might end up embarrassing you and your firm. Your greeting should be a way of thanking your clients for being a part of your business and making them feel like they are a part of your family. Dos of sending holiday messages to clients Here are the Dos of sending clients holiday messages:

  • Make your messages warm and personal.
  • Hand-written messages are always great but if you are using e-mails, make sure that the words you use to convey the message clearly without sounding robotic.

Messages to Client

  • Recount stories of your time working together and how they have helped you grow.
  • Give your clients a small token of your appreciation such as a gift voucher or coupon, without seeming like you are promoting your business.
  • Make the holiday message about your clients and not about your company.

Don’ts of holiday messages to clients Here are the Don’ts when sending holiday messages to clients:

  • Don’t make your holiday message sound cheesy and fake as it will only put off your clients.
  • While composing your holiday messages, make sure that you keep away from over-used or generic phrases that every other business is using.
  • Don’t send in your holiday message too late and make an early start on its composition, so that you get ample time to come up with a heart-warming message. Once the message is drafted do not send it too early either! Sending holiday messages just a day or two before the holiday season is more meaningful!
  • Don’t make your message too long as it is holiday time and no one really wants to go through long e-mails during this time of the year. Keep your greeting short, crisp and meaningful!
  • Don’t forget to thank your clients for their collaboration with you and relay that you hope to continue to work with them for many more years.