Round sign No SPAMYou know when you are about to sit down to a nice dinner and your phone rings, prompting you to scurry over only to find it is a call from an unwanted solicitor? Super annoying and incredibly disruptive!

Well imagine that same inconvenience occurring regularly during business hours, eating up valuable time, resources, and money of a small to medium-sized business. Those spam phone calls can be more than irritating to a business owner, they can be downright expensive! How can you tend to actual customers when your company is wrangling a deluge of telemarketers or unwanted callers?.

Nearly half a billion dollars in productivity is lost annually by small businesses across the country as a result of unwanted phone calls. Individuals can have their personal phone numbers added to the Do Not Call Registry to avoid unsolicited phone calls. Businesses, on the other hand, are stuck having to allocate resources to manage the inconvenience of spam calls if “opt-out” functionality is not offered. Luckily voice-based marketing automation solutions help prevent spam calls from cutting into valuable productivity.

Call From: Not the Right Person

Large enterprises often have vast call centers equipped with the resources to filter out spam phone calls to ensure they do not detract from important business operations. Small and medium-sized companies, however, continue to be bombarded with unwanted phone calls throughout the workday, many of which last several minutes. Studies have found that 20 million hours annually is taken out of the workday for small businesses due to spam phone calls, which equates to about $475 million each year.

No matter the size of a business, there are voice-based marketing automation solutions available to direct the wrong callers to appropriate endpoints, or work to prevent the calls from occurring in the first place!

Just Make the Ringing Stop!

If your company has fallen prey to continual phone calls unwanted callers, there is an easy and efficient way to keep them away from your brand representatives: caller ID routing. This functionality allows users to input a number or series of numbers that will automatically be routed to a specific endpoint within an IVR (interactive voice response) rather than be directed through the traditional channels to representatives.

To deal with spam or unwanted calls immediately, a company can take a reactive approach and basically shoo the calls away from representatives. There are many places you can route a call to once it has been received by a virtual receptionist or an IVR system such as:

  • A pre-recorded audio message
  • A reading of a text message
  • Voicemail
  • Through an IVR system

The spam call could be put through a series of automated prompts to filter out robocalls from actual people contacting the brand. This will eliminate the need for customer service or sales representatives to waste any time dealing with unwanted dials.

Nip It in the Bud

Many companies have realized the marketing value of call tracking technology and have purchased dynamic trackable numbers to better gauge ROI. When calls come into a business that are intended for another company, however, it requires a more proactive approach. Brands should work with a call tracking company that offers strenuous, thorough, and patient number cleansing to reduce the frequency of misguided callers.

This means that any number selected would have been put through the ringer to ensure enough time has passed since a previous campaign used the digits, and allow for adequate aging to set in. Without a cleansing and aging process in place, a company may wind up fielding calls for plumbing assistance when they are trying to sell cupcakes to the masses!

Keepin’ It Real

And while you are selecting your voice-based marketing automation solutions to filter out spam, you can always implement the old school call screening technique of automatically asking for the caller’s name and, if there is no direct answer, hanging up immediately and moving on with life!

For guidance on how to research and select the best voice-based marketing automation solutions for your needs, check out our guide on virtual call centers.