Don’t listen to everything you hear

When it comes to information these days one thing is for sure. We have access to more than we can possibly hope to assimilate in our lifetimes. What we focus on is what tends to change, so it’s important to focus on those things that are important to us in regards to our lives and our businesses.

It has been said that time is the ultimate resource. We can always create more income, more “stuff” etc. but time is something we aren’t able to increase unfortunately. I’d take it one step further and say that if time is the ultimate resource, then attention is the primary component that we should be looking to direct and to harness.

“Is what you are doing right this moment bringing you closer to or further away from your goals?”

With so many self-proclaimed experts on the web these days it’s really easy to find yourself listening to either mixed messages, or ones that conflict all together. And since many of these messages are directly relating to what’s important to us it’s important to try to study only those lessons that are actually going to help us grow and prosper.

I’d suggest finding just fifteen, or twenty people within your industry who have already achieved what you’re hoping to achieve (and whose advice seems to be on target most of the time) and limit your educational training time to just these individuals. This will keep you up to date on the current trends in your industry, and you’ll know that you are being mentored by the very best possible people who you’ve hand picked out of hundreds or even thousands.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t read other blogs, or articles, it is just a guide for getting the most out of that precious time you’re spending learning and growing within your industry.

As human beings we are pre-programmed to take the path of least resistance. (People who track down fugitives, or even those individuals lost in the woods, can often predict with a great degree of accuracy where an individual will end up based on the topography of maps simply by calculating the path of least resistance)

And it’s because of this that many of us focus on those tasks within our business that are comfortable or familiar. We’d much rather do something we know how to do well than something that challenges us. The same is true for the material we tend to read each day. Rarely will we invest the time in locating the most accurate or inspiring pieces that relate to us.

Find those writers or bloggers whose writing style resonates with you, falls in line with your belief systems, and inspires you to take the necessary action required to actually make that information valuable. While knowing something may seem important, it’s nowhere as important as implementing it within your business!