If you are new to video production, it may seem like a mammoth task. We are bombarded by screen content everywhere we look and it is not unlikely that you are feeling the pressure to make your first video piece look as professional and polished as you possibly can.

However, we are living in an age when speed is everything. Things change fast and you need to be quick with your content before someone else beats you to it or it becomes irrelevant. Even BBC journalists are publishing online blog content which is imperfect with typos and spelling errors for the sake of getting the news to their audiences as quickly as possible. These articles are revisited and corrected later.

You need to consider the goals of your individual videos and this will dictate whether you should be focusing on perfection or timeliness. The goal of your video should relate directly to the question of what matters to your audience. There would be no point creating a video about the Queens Diamond Jubilee which happened weeks ago when the country is now more interested in England’s place in the European Cup in 2012… or maybe you are reading this during the Olympics 2012… or 2016 even – you get the idea!

What is perfection?

Vincent Lombardi - perfection quote

The concept of perfection is contentious and many would agree that it is intangible. Perfection is something that can be aspired to but possibly never reached. With this in mind, accept that your first effort won’t be your best video ever. But know that by giving things a go, your efforts will only improve. You will learn from each new video production you make and through the process of creating new videos you will generate new ideas.

Getting your video production to market

Andrew Chen makes a lovely point about Apple. Ultimately, we all have to start somewhere. Just look at how far away Apple’s first product was from the aluminum masterpieces which we know and love today.

Early Apple computer for Perfection in video production

You have to be in it to win it and if you just keep waiting around until you think you have the perfect video, you are going to be waiting for a very long time. When it comes to video, values are changing on a daily basis and your goal should be to contribute to video culture now as well as in the future.

Take the iPhone as an example. The first iPhone was great but it wasn’t perfect. Apple got it out there and established themselves as a smart phone market leader straight away. They have continued to improve iPhone software which is available for iPhone users to update to. The more updates and changes they have made, the more popular the phone has become. The hardware of the phone has also changed, evolved and improved.

This is an infographic explaining the evolution of the iPhone.

Infographic courtesy of: http://www.redmondpie.com/the-evolution-of-the-iphone-infographic/

Making the most of your resources in your video production

What we need to learn from Apple is that they know the importance of being quick to market, but they also know the importance of consistently improving their products to remain as market leaders. They use their resources to the maximum without becoming complacent.

Perfect as far as you should be concerned is about making the most of the resources you currently have at your disposal. It is about being relentlessly determined to get your video productions out there and learning from each experience and viewer feedback to improve your future projects.