What does self-esteem mean to you?We begin today with a definition. The dictionary says it means confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect. Some of the synonyms offered are: self-respect, pride, dignity, self-regard, faith in oneself; morale, self-confidence, confidence, self-assurance

Staying silent is like a slow growing cancer. Stand up for yourself. Shannon adler

Self-esteem, by itself, means confidence. But we rarely use it by itself. It is almost always preceded by adjectives like low, poor, inadequate, lack of… And, this is because we live in an age where we try to place value on ourselves, or others, often compared to someone or something else.

Many people walk around, actually most people walk through life, thinking that they are less-than someone else. There are certainly people in our lives who have an easier or tougher time of getting through life, but, I daresay, that this does not define them or us.

“Mistake is an event not a person. aniekee tochukwu

We have wandered into some kind of wasteland where we think our only value is in what we can acquire or accumulate, so that we have more than our peers. Or, we have begun defining ourselves by the few things we can do better than anyone else, so we refuse to share our knowledge and talents with others. The problem, of course, is when someone else catches up, or, gets more. Or, when someone else learns how to do what we do, in spite of our not helping them learn. Or, worse, when we can no longer do it.

Our lives are not defined in such simplistic terms and events. And, our esteem for ourselves must always, ultimately come from within. It is an inner flame, which cannot be dulled by losing a few possessions, or teaching someone else how to do what we do well.

Esteem is confidence in who I am. It is what I truly think of myself. The totality of my being; as is yours.

Trust yourself.

Trust in who you are.

Stop selling yourself short.

And, yes, stop putting those awful adjectives in as you speak of yourself, and the regard you have for yourself and for your talents…

Be truthful with yourself. Face today Doc

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