Control or DeterminationThis is really the make it or break it statement for 2015.

Look no further than our government. Irregardless of party, some people really are determined and want to see something come to fruitition in the way of passing legislation and others are content to show their control and will not give in for any reason. As a result, not much is happening.

Control is not necessarily a bad thing

In certain cases, it is important for top management to have some control to insure employee’s needs are being taken care of and a strong foundation is being maintained. From here, determination takes over with respect to visioning and client service.

Control can also work against people

Many business owners and executives are struggling with these terms. May business executives thought they were in control of their environment.

  • Control of their work
  • Control of their products and services
  • Control of their employees and clients

The sad reality is that they are quickly finding that thingscan quickly change and all of a sudden their control has been mismanaged, misaligned and things can change in a hurry.

Determination is my driving force

I really like the word determination. In this day and age of constant changing, if we are determined to make a difference we will naturally gravitate toward words like leading and collaborating.

In 2015, I have tried to step up my game by looking analytically at numbers and by listening more to employees and clients. Good numbers are a driver for me. I like numbers like new accounts, dollars invoiced per month, number of samples processed, number of supplies received and shipped. Also, begin sharing this information with all employees. What good is this information if you are the only one who has access to it?

In addition, I like listenting to employees in all areas of the company. What I am finding is that when people recognize that I am living each day with a renewed determination toward success, others want to be a part of that discussion and process too. It is a healthy sign that people want to see success in their own areas and overall for the company.

Also, clients want to work with companies that are growing and succeeding too. Again, they feel a certain connection to the company and hopefully this connection is paying off in ways that clients can be successful too.

Determination recognizes that there will be times when things might be out of your control. It doesn’t mean that a person has lost control. It simply means that to stay the course, a person might have to s be willing to engage others to help and lend a hand.

In an ever-changing world, it is almost impossible to be able to be completely in control at all times. If you can effectively manage your need for “control” you find out that you can be a much happier person. You will find yourself being energized, because others are onboard and recognize that your focus is on the company and not a need of acquiring more power and control.

Stay determined. When you hit plateaus, stop and reflect a moment. Consider all your options and ask other people for their input. Spend some time realizing that you are not in control and how that is not necessarily a bad thing. Look for opportunities and new ideas and see how fast you can implement these ideas into production.

Control or Determination – Where do you stand?

[Photo Credit: March 29, 2014 at 03:50PM via photopin (license)