Passion and DeterminationI am looking at these two words and trying to connect them closer to each other.


Determination —————-ME——————-Passion


Determination –ME–Passion

In reality everyone has these two concepts to some degree. However, rarely have I looked at how powerful these ideas could be if they were brought closer together.


Some days I feel so determined that I am going to change something or take action that will produce some results. This act of determination can be an uphill battle, especially if it is done mainly by myself. However, there are days when frustration levels rise and it may come down to making some abrupt changes and disrupting some activities right away. Personally, I review my goals and only with strong determination can I make a difference. Determination is critical in sticking to plans and seeing results.


The desire for something powerful. We all have thoughts and ideas every day and we know changes will not happen overnight, but there is something inside of us that says we need to get to a new level or do things much differently than we currently are. Passion at its best requires support from team players to be truly effective. How can a person be passionate about something and keep that to themselves? Any type of passion requires making a difference in the lives of others.

Determination + Passion

Bringing these two powerful ideas together helps put things in perspective. If you can find a way to look at goals and objectives by setting a proper plan that highlights accomplishments along with bringing people onboard, the results could prove to be much bigger than what you imagined from the beginning.

Today’s article was a good reminder for me to make sure I continue to plan and execute in a way that will gain the most results. Too often, I lean to one extreme or the other and that is when apathy starts setting in because I keep both of these ideas separated. By closing the gap, I realize I can make a difference in my own life and the lives of others. Closing this gap is work. Often times I pray, read and listen. Once I have some direction from these activities, then I can create the plan for action. This plan is then communicated to others with specific thoughts, objectives and input and actions quickly turn into results.

Make a Difference Today and bring your determination and passion closer together.

Picture Source: Pixabay